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What are the Causes of Norton Error?

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Certain Windows users reported getting this error from Norton 360 8504104 when they attempted to uninstall your Norton Antivirus software, repair it, or upgrade it. The majority of the time this issue has been reported to affect Windows 10.

If you are seeing error 8504104 it is a serious issue. There are many reasons that your computer may be showing this error. Whatever the cause is, we’re here to assist you. Let’s begin and not waste any time.

What are the Causes of Norton Error 8504 104?

  • This could be due to inadequate or ineffective procedures.
  • If you’re trying to Norton live update and due to reasons of technical nature, the process was unsuccessful and you’re experiencing an error message 8504 104.
  • Sometimes this error message can be due to corruption that occurred when you uninstall the program in the traditional way. It is possible to resolve the issue with the Norton-specific Remove and Reinstall program in order to uninstall all Norton components.
  • A different security software, or third-party suites, can be the cause of this error. In these cases, you’ll be able to fix the issue with the menus Programs and Features menus to remove any 3rd party antivirus software or AV scanner.

Different Types of Norton Error 8504 104

  • Norton error 8504 0
  • It is the Norton error number 8504 is 5
  • Norton error 8504 & 104
  • Norton error 8504, 100
  • The Norton Error 8504 102
  • Norton Error 8504 106
  • Norton Error Code 8504 101

There are a variety of possible definitions for errors that appear on the screen of your computer. There might be multiple errors. You don’t need to worry about it. Below are some steps you can take to solve all of these issues in a few easy steps.

Simple Steps to Fix Error 8504 104 Norton

There are a variety of techniques and steps you must take to get rid of the various kinds of Norton Error 8504. Let’s take a look at each one by one.

Use Norton Remove & Reinstall Tool

  • Get The Norton removed or reinstalled. Save the file as a PDF.
  • Double-click the symbol NRnR from your computer.
  • You can review the license agreement, then click to agree.
  • Click on Advanced Options.
  • Select Remove Only.
  • Click on Remove.
  • Once you’ve completed the procedure, click Restart Now.

Restart Your Computer

As it turns out, this problem can also be caused by a common inconsistency caused by some transient files that interfere with the updating/uninstallation operation. It is recommended to start with a temporary fix. After that, restart your system and verify whether the issue persists.

Start your computer normally after which you can go through the same steps which led to this Norton 360 Error 8504 104 issues. It will be clear if it’s fixed once the next boot is completed.

Remove Antivirus Software

  • To make it easier for you, you must first uninstall any other program that may interfere with your PC’s security or security. Norton antivirus isn’t compatible with any other programs installed on the PC.
  • Enter appwiz.cpl into Win+R.
  • It will open the window that will allow you to browse the list of installed programs on your computer.
  • Select the Antivirus/Free Security software, then click Remove/Uninstall.
  • Follow the steps on the screen of your computer for the best way to get rid of this particular program.
  • After the installation is completed then restart your computer.

Upgrade Your Graphics Card

  • There’s a high chance of your graphic card could create a conflict between your Norton antivirus software and your PC’s hardware. Norton 360 Error 8504 104 might occur. Therefore, it is crucial to update your graphics driver.
  • The first step is to click “My Computer” to update the graphics driver. Next, click on the “Manage” button and navigate to “Device Administrator”. Select “Display Accessories” to continue. You could also try the shortcut. Hit Win and R and then type in “devmgmt.dsc”, click on Enter.
  • Double-click on the “Display Accessories” option. After that, right-click”Action “HD Graphics Card”.
  • Select Update Drivers Software.
  • Restart your computer and then check your device.

Look For Conflicting Software

  • See the full list of applications installed.
  • Also, you should determine if any additional security software, like Panda Security and Malwarebytes, has been installed. You must have it installed.
  • Click Uninstall to choose the program.
  • To confirm, click OK
  • Reboot your computer once you’ve uninstalled it.

Update Your System Drivers

There’s a possibility that your driver software might not be current. Even if you have access to the internet, certain drivers have to be upgraded manually. If the drivers you are using are not current, your system may be rendered inoperable. Be sure that you update these drivers as fast as you can, to avoid problems.

Experts suggest Driver Doc as a Driver Update Tool to make it easier for users to complete the process of updating the drivers for devices.

Use Norton Autofix

If you’re struggling with any of the strategies on this blog, there’s another method.

This is the point at which Norton AutoFix Tool can be beneficial! This tool can be used to eliminate the issue of Norton error 8504. Norton AutoFix Tool is available for download on their official website.

It is possible to download Norton AutoFix Tool and run it on your system. Follow the steps displayed on the screen. The tool is quick to detect an error and corrects it. It is not necessary to tackle the issue manually. The entire process is able to be completed by the program on its own.

All of these techniques can be used to correct Norton’s automatic fix errors of 8504 and 1004. If the issue persists, you should contact Norton’s technical staff.

Be aware of the error Norton 8506-421

Reinstall Windows

Windows may display some flaws and slowdowns. Norton 360 error 8504 could be the result of an outdated or damaged OS. To resolve the issue fix it, you need to install a new OS.

When Norton Error 8504 isn’t the error you’re experiencing, and it is a different error, you can look up our previous posts on Norton Errors & Repairs.

What is it? Norton Internet Security error 8504 and 100?

This issue can be solved with the help of Norton RnR. The tool will be run and you can uninstall Norton from your PC. Restart your PC and you’ll be in a position to install Norton once more.

How do I fix “Norton 360 Premier was unable to connect due to error 8504”?

This can happen when you are using other security features or as a result of a failed installation making a change to a higher version.

How do I fix Norton Security Error 9504 104?

This error can occur if there is an additional security program running on the system, or if the installation fails when updating or upgrading to a more recent version.

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