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Dissonant Whispers 5e

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Dissonant whispers is a powerful spell that causes the target to move involuntarily and take 3d6 damage. It is most effective when used on a group of creatures. The duration is one round per creature without concentration. This spell has its own restrictions: a creature in a group can only be affected by it once. The other creatures in a group are not affected.

Dissonant whispers is a powerful spell

Dissonant whispers is a powerful vocal spell that can be cast anywhere on the battlefield. It causes pain and damage to the target, and is particularly effective against creatures with low information. Dissonant whispers can also be used as a spell of opportunity, as they can be cast when a creature has an open spell slot.

Dissonant whispers is an excellent spell for stealth assassination. Using the spell to make it seem as if someone is speaking to you, the target can be killed without being detected. It also works on undead, and if the target moves voluntarily, this spell will force them to flee.

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Dissonant Whispers is an excellent spell for using in group campaigns. Unlike most other spells, this spell allows for the use of opportunity attacks. It also bypasses creatures’ immunity to sound and fear. That means that the spell is highly effective against creatures with low or no speed.

Dissonant Whispers 5e is an excellent spell for DPS players. It increases your damage output by one d6 each spell slot level. It bypasses the creature’s resistance to fear and sound and can be used anytime during the encounter. It can also cause psychological damage to the target, and even cause death. This spell is best used against monsters or opponents with low Wisdom. Using this spell properly can make you a powerful weapon in dangerous areas.

Dissonant Whispers 5e can be used to take out low-level enemies surrounding boss monsters. This spell is free to use, and doesn’t require any Wisdom saving throws or forced movement. In addition, Dissonant Whispers does not require a spellcaster to upcast to increase damage.

It causes involuntary movement

Dissonant Whispers 5e causes involuntary movement by forcing creatures to use an opportunity attack or a reaction to move. This is an excellent ability for sneak attacks or to use when a character is on the move. However, there are some limitations with this ability. Dissonant Whispers only works when the creature is using a bonus action or reaction to move.

It takes 3d6 damage

Dissonant Whispers is a great spell for stealthy assassinations. It works by making it seem like the verbal component is the melody and not the other way around. This makes it possible to target and kill people in public places while remaining undetected. It can be especially helpful when the target is a rogue, a fighter, or another martial class.

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A creature targeted by Dissonant Whispers must make a Wisdom saving throw or move away from the caster or suffer 3d6 damage. The damage increases by 1d6 for every spell slot above the first one. Once a creature fails the Wisdom saving throw, the spell deals 3d6 psychic damage to that creature.

Dissonant Whispers does not fail if the target is immune to charm or is in total cover. Unlike charm or other effects that use a spell’s reaction, movement during a Dissonant Whispers reaction does not count against the target’s movement speed for the next turn. Also, it will not work if the target is immobilized or is immune to psychic damage.

Dissonant Whispers has a cooldown time of 10 minutes. The spell is effective against targets with low Wisdom. Targets with high Wisdom have a higher chance of succeeding the saving throw. However, the spell’s real power comes from its control effect. By making the target react to the attack, they are forced to use their reaction.

The effects of Dissonant Whispers can be detrimental to creatures with poor hearing. If the creature fails the save, it takes 3d6 damage and must move away from the caster. Despite the damage, it does not affect creatures with effective deafness.

It can be used offensively

Dissonant whispers are powerful offensive spells that force your enemies to move backwards or away from you. This spell is best used against single enemies who are not particularly close to you. You can also use this spell to provoke opportunity attacks. The ability to use this spell in combat requires you to be within 30 feet of your target.

The main disadvantage of dissonant whispers is that you cannot choose which creatures are able to use them. If you want to use the spell to annoy someone, you have to make a decision on whether you want to use it offensively or defensively. If you’re going to use it defensively, make sure you think about how you intend to use it.

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Dissonant Whispers 5e is an Enchantment spell of 1st level. This spell can be used offensively or defensively, and it can be cast immediately by the user. It costs one action to use and can be used against enemies and creatures.


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