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How to make Goat milk soap at Home?

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My first goat was brought into my life “in the milk” from an animal farm located in Michigan that allowed me to hold off breeding on my farm. The goat’s name was Kazoo. She had the bluest eyes and resembled the appearance of a cow with spots and colors. She was a hard goat to milk due to Goat milk lotion her determination. We would often refer to her as the beautiful and stubborn. I realized that my anxiety was hindering my progress. I resisted purchasing a dollar. The stigma make me afraid that buck is known to have. I was reading about how aggressive and stinky they are, as well as difficult to contain. One farmer I talked to told me, “YOU WILL” find your buck among your female goats, despite your best efforts to confine him. Their desire to mate is quite insane! To allow my dream of owning a farm to be realized I required a little bit of money to start.

talking to farm buddies

After giving myself numerous praises and talking to farm buddies who said Greta “you have this” over the course of a few months, I finally discovered the black and stinky man living in Wisconsin. He was a small, bouncy child who was on the farm from which I bought my first doe Sham-wow (I know I’m sure, the names we pick aren’t always the same!). We took him home and returned him to the farm I started my first farming venture within Grayslake, IL. We gave him the name of Buck Rogers and soon he was known as BR on the farm. He definitely became a smoky odor! While giving farm tours, we would often make fun of people and would say “now is the right time to put a plug in the nose”. The man turned out to be friendly with us and the farm staff throughout the years. His respect and admiration increased. He did not challenge me in a threatening manner in the field. He was actually quite pleasant despite me constantly telling him to Keep away BR (he was simply way too smelly!).


He was a blessing to us with SO many gorgeous kids in the past decade. We were thankful to his role in having our very first bull and for helping us reach our goal of setting up an agricultural farm. We lost him this week due to old age and lots of dangerous desea . In typical BR style, it happened without any fanfare. We believe he passed away in his sleeping. Death would break me Goat milk products in two when I was on the farm. I’ll be honest, it is still happening occasionally. What has changed is my outlook. My focus has changed towards gratitude for every animal we have on the farm, as well as the time we’ve shared. The joy they bring to our guests, visitors as well as our farm. Everything changes, and nothing remains the same. The world is constantly changing. The only thing that can remain constant is love. We love you, Buck Rogers. Keep smelling stinky. Buck Rogers:

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