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Wisdom Teeth Removal: Everything You Need to Know.

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Every tooth in your mouth has a different purpose. All teeth are marvels of bioengineering. You have four sets of teeth: incisors, canines, premolars, and molars. Out of the 32 teeth in total, a person has 12 molars. These are the teeth that are responsible for breaking and chewing. The first two sets of molars grow at an early age, while the final set of molars grows for the first time between the age of 18 to 30. This final set of molars is called wisdom teeth.

These teeth were useful in the primal days of human civilization when people used to eat uncooked foods. However, as we eat well-cooked and processed food that day, doctors recommend that wisdom teeth are no longer necessary. A simple dental surgeon can help remove these teeth with a simple procedure. Once your regular dentist detects that your wisdom teeth are growing, they immediately recommend removing them. If you do not have a regular family dentist, it is easy to find a dentist for wisdom teeth removal in Cypress, TX.

Why Remove Wisdom Teeth

Not being necessary for human survival is not the only reason for removing wisdom teeth. There are a lot more reasons for taking such drastic measures. Wisdom teeth can cause harm in some cases. Since it is not necessary for chewing anymore, doctors have decided to remove them as a preventive measure. 

Hard to Reach for Cleaning

These wisdom teeth are so far off in your mouth that they are difficult to reach when cleaning. Usually, the toothbrush can not reach them properly, and they are practically impossible to floss. People often do not go through extra trouble to clean these molars.  This carelessness causes these teeth to get cavities and decay. Even if you do not get them removed at an early age, it is highly likely that you may need to remove your wisdom teeth later on in life due to cavities.

They Push Against Other Teeth

As wisdom teeth grow much later in life, they have less space to work with. They often push against the other sets of morals that are fully grown in place. This causes pain while chewing, and in severe cases, your teeth can also go out of alignment. The result can be crooked teeth or a deformed smile.

Can Accidently Bite Soft Tissues

These last molars are so far back in your mouth that they are very close to the soft tissues of your inner cheek. Sometimes chewing your cheek gets in the way and your molars bite it very hard. This is very painful because the last molars have the most powerful bite.

Cause Jaw Pain in Cold Weathers

People have a natural reflex of clenching their teeth in cold weather. This empty but hard byte makes the blood rush to the jaws, the face, and the brain. This is a natural reflex for protecting against the cold. However, it gets tiresome and painful in a few minutes. Additionally, the pain will come quicker and greater if you still have wisdom teeth.

The procedure of Removing Wisdom Teeth

The procedure for removing wisdom teeth does not take any longer than 45 minutes. The max will be one hour. You can choose whether you want numbing anesthesia or sedation. You will have to book an appointment to make sure you plan according to your schedule. The dentist will extract the teeth from the root and note that once removed. These wisdom teeth will never grow back.


Removing wisdom teeth is a common and simple procedure. None of the major communities of doctors and dentists object to the procedure. Therefore, you do not have to be concerned regarding your wisdom teeth removal.

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