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Mental Prison – 6th-Level Disintegrate and Mental Prison Spells

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Mental prison is a good spell to cast on a single target to lock them down and do some damage. It is a 6th-level spell, and it works well if you want to lock down one creature. The effect will be effective for five rounds, and it can deal 5d10 psychic damage.

Disintegrate is a d&d 5e mental prison

The Disintegrate spell is a powerful single-target spell that will destroy almost anything, including magical force constructs and objects. The spell can target a single target or a group of targets. Depending on the target, Disintegrate can cause a creature to lose all hit points and turn to ash. 

It affects a target’s mind

Mental Prison is a spell that affects a target’s mind and ensnares it in a restrained state. This spell is more powerful than Psychic Crush. It has a 60-foot range and has both verbal and somatic components. The duration of the spell is 1 minute and the target must make a saving throw to escape. The spell deals 12d6 Psychic damage and stuns the target if the saving throw fails. While this spell is much stronger than its predecessor, it does not have the same rider effect as other 6th level spells, such as Banishment and Otiluke’s Resilient Sphere.

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The power of the mind is explored in a lot of ways in D&D 5e. Psionic weapons and powers are common examples of these. However, these powers can also be dangerous when used against tough creatures. Psionic weapons and spells can deal psychic damage, and many of these spells range from cantrips to 9th level spells.

Unlike other spells that target a creature, Mental Prison affects a target’s mind only. You Therefore, the target must concentrate in order to avoid the spell dissipating and triggering the effects on its own.

When casting this spell, make sure the creature you target is willing to be affected by the effect. The spell can be extremely useful for blocking spells that affect the mind. You can 

When you cast a spell with a mental prison effect on a target, make sure to check whether the target can escape. A target that cannot escape will have to make a Strength check to break the spell. The DC for escaping this spell is higher than the DC for a Hold Monster.

When using this spell, it is possible to deal 7d6 psychic damage to a target. This spell may also incapacitate a foe. In addition, it can name a target and lock on to them when in range. These spells make it harder to kill a target that is incapacitated.

It causes 5d10 psychic damage

Mental Prison is a powerful spell that imposes a restriction on a creature. While the spell does not harm the target, it makes the creature feel restrained and unable to see or hear anything outside the prison. It can be broken only by dealing 10d10 psychic damage.

Psychic damage can be either direct or indirect. It occurs inside the mind of the victim. This type of damage is incredibly dangerous, especially when a tough creature is the one causing the damage. In D&D 5e, the power of the mind is explored in depth. Many powerful spells, weapons, and items can cause psychic damage.

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Before deciding to use a spell, make sure to try it out in combat first. It’s best to test it out in combat first before deciding if it is too powerful.

Mind Flayers are another creature that rely on Psychic prowess to function. The Mind Flayer can use the spell Mind Blast, which fires a cone of Psychic Energy in front of itself. 

Bards’ favorite spell is the Cantrip. Bards are also familiar with Staggering Smite. This spell, which costs a spell casting resource, causes 4d6 Psychic Damage. As a result, bards have a vast array of spells to cast that deal with psionic damage.

A DM needs to be patient with the charm spell because abuse can take a toll. If the target does not know they were charmed, the DM will have to instill consequences. The spell doesn’t state whether the target realizes they were charmed or not, but it does state that they will do the specified action.

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The Phantasmal Killer manifests one of his or her enemy’s worst nightmares and fears.  If the target fails, he or she takes 4d10 psychic damage.


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