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Best Websites to Watch Free Turkish Series

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If you’re looking for free Turkish television series to watch online, you’ve come to the right place. Turkish123 has more than 150 free Turkish series available, and its web interface is easy to use. Moreover, Turkish123 has both subtitled and dubbed material. Although dubbing material is illegal in the country of Turkey, Turkish123 is free of viruses and software, which makes it a safe place to watch Turkish TV series online.


If you’re interested in watching Turkish series for free, you can easily find them on a variety of websites. You can find Turkish series with English subtitles, new releases, and current events. These websites are free to access and don’t contain viruses or spyware. They’re also regularly updated, so you can always find the latest episodes and news.

The most popular Turkish series include Kara Sevda and Binbir Gece. The Secret of Feriha has some of the most charismatic actors in the industry, and it was even named the best series of 2017 by the Emmys. The plot follows an orphaned teenage girl named Nihan, who falls madly in love with Kemal, an engineer from a middle-class family.

Another option for Turkish series fans is ExpressDizi, a website that has a huge collection of Turkish dramas and other shows. Although this website doesn’t show everything, it has many popular Turkish series and offers subtitles in other languages. This website is free, but it does run advertisements.

Another great way to watch Turkish dramas is by signing up for Netflix. This website has Turkish drama series with English subtitles and a variety of subscription plans. You can also watch Turkish movies. Netflix also provides excellent picture quality, doesn’t contain ads, and optimizes the video for your device. Streaming Turkish series on Netflix is completely legal, so you’ll never have to worry about being ripped off.

Another free website to watch Turkish series is Natabanu. This site doesn’t have a safety certificate, but it does feature plenty of Turkish series with English subtitles. This website allows users to request translations, and it has a simple, intuitive interface. Most episodes are posted several times a day.


If you are looking for Turkish series that you can watch for free online, Puhutv is the place for you. It is a Turkish video-on-demand (VOD) platform which was launched in December 2016 in Istanbul. The website is owned by Dogus Media Group and features a large selection of Turkish TV series. Some of the series are produced by the company itself, while others are produced by other companies.

Puhutv has a variety of Turkish series and cartoons available for streaming online. These include Turkish movies and television shows, and they’re available in HD. Puhutv is a great choice because it doesn’t require registration, and it doesn’t have annoying pop-ups. You can watch Turkish TV series and movies in high definition without any interruptions.

You can access Puhutv from anywhere by using a VPN service. All you need is a fast Internet connection and a VPN. Afterwards, you can log into PuhuTV with your Turkish IP address. You can then watch Turkish TV anytime. VPNs like NordVPN can bypass any geographical restrictions, so it’s a great option for anyone interested in Turkish series.

Another free website to watch Turkish series is TurkFans. It specializes in Turkish dramas with English subtitles, and has an extensive database. To view the videos, you’ll need to join the website, but it’s free to sign up. Then, you can choose the Turkish series that you want to watch. The website streams the same shows as Promix TV Watch Free and Turksub24.

Puhutv also offers free Turkish television series. Although only available to Turkish citizens, it’s still one of the best websites to watch Turkish series for free online. It has an iOS and Android app, as well as a website. There is no paid edition for this website, but it’s ad-supported and works with Facebook logins.


If you are looking for a website where you can watch Turkish series for free, then YouTube is the perfect place to do so. Besides allowing you to watch Turkish series for free, the site also offers subtitles and dubbing in English. It’s also free to use, so no matter where you are, you can find what you’re looking for.

YouTube is the most popular video hosting website, and it rarely disappoints. It has a huge library of Turkish series and movies that have English subtitles. This website is safe and reliable, and most of the videos have fewer popup advertisements, so it’s the perfect site to watch Turkish series for free.

You can also watch Turkish television series online for free at Turksub24. The site offers high-quality Turkish series with subtitles in English. It’s easy to navigate, but it’s important to be patient when you’re loading up the website. It’s worth the wait to watch your favorite Turkish series.

Another great website to watch Turkish series for free is WLEXT. The site hosts many international television series, from American to European. It has over 400 million viewers in over 72 countries, so you’ll have a good selection to choose from. WLEXT also offers Turkish series that are limited but excellent.

You can also watch Turkish TV shows on Snaptube. The website has an easy-to-use interface and integrations with a wide range of video-sharing platforms. Moreover, you can download Turkish TV shows and dramas on your phone.


There are plenty of websites where you can watch Turkish series for free. However, you have to be careful when using these websites. You run the risk of alerting the real creators and having them take down the content. That would result in you losing your favorite episodes. If you are in the UK, you can use a VPN service to watch Turkish series for free.

These sites offer many features, including free streaming and multiple subtitles. Many of these sites have an ever-expanding library of Turkish movies and TV shows. Another good option is Dailymotion. The website offers Turkish series in HD resolution, and it is free to register. Unlike other websites, this site has no irritating pop-up ads.

Turksub24 is a free website where you can watch Turkish series with English subtitles. This site has a huge library of Turkish series, sorted alphabetically. It also has a few movies with English subtitles. TurkFans is another good website to watch Turkish series with English subtitles. Once you sign up, you can browse their large library of Turkish dramas.

Another website to watch Turkish series for free is Turkishlive. This website has over 3000 episodes available with English subtitles. It is free to join and watch, and it is safe to watch Turkish series with English subtitles. Unlike Netflix, Turkishlive also has a Human Verification system that protects the website from bots.

The popularity of Turkish TV series has increased dramatically in recent years. They are popular for their realistic plots and actors. Turkish telenovelas are also known for their realistic romance. They have become real media phenomenons that have helped the country in the Middle East earn millions of dollars.

Promix TV Wa

There are several ways to watch Turkish series for free online. The first way is to use YouTube, the world’s largest video sharing website. YouTube offers a wide variety of Turkish series and movies with English subtitles. Moreover, YouTube is completely free, so there’s no need to worry about the cost of viewing the content. Another way is to subscribe to a premium website like Watch Turks. There are four membership plans available: Bronze Plan – 7 Days $5; Silver Plan – 1 Month $14; Gold Plan – 3 Months $29; Platinum Plan – 1 Year $99.

Promix TV Wa is another good choice. While Promix TV Wa does not have many original Turkish series, it does offer a wide selection of Turkish series dubbed in English and Spanish. The service is also free, but there are restrictions for watching certain content. In addition to Turkish series, Promix TV also offers several Turkish movies.

Another good option is ExpressDizi. This site offers Turkish dramas in HD quality. In addition, the service provides quality translation. It’s worth checking out for its large library of Turkish series. With a simple search, you’ll find hundreds of Turkish series dubbed in English and Spanish.

If you’re interested in watching Turkish dramas for free, AR Dirilis Ertugrul is the best choice. It offers Turkish dramas with Arabic and English subtitles, and is available on various platforms. It also features popular Turkish television series like Ertugrul Ghazi, Kurulus Osman, and other famous Turkish TV shows. There’s also an excellent historical section that gives you information on Turkey’s natural history.

Turkish drama series have become popular in recent years. With their first-class shooting techniques, compelling plotlines, and charismatic actors, Turkish series are gaining a loyal following worldwide. As a result, a great number of international fans are searching for good websites to watch Turkish dramas with English subtitles.

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