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8 Suggestions For Changing Your Balcony

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Apartment living is becoming more and more popular. These are frequently the only accessible ways to enjoy the comfort of living close to places of employment or other amenities, as well as the exciting inner-city lifestyle on the weekends.

Suggestions For Changing Your Balcony

The drawback of this lifestyle is that gardens are not an option. The only outdoor area available to most apartment dwellers is a växthus altan. However, the good news for those with a green thumb is that you can actually accomplish a lot with even the tiniest greenhouse on the balcony to provide you a garden getaway from the heat of the city.

Make the area green

Your greenhouse balcony probably has a tiled or concrete floor. You can lay down a fake turf carpeting on this surface, but you won’t be able to grow genuine grass there. Why would you do this? Because it gives the idea of a living garden and, when combined with actual plants and outdoor furniture, produces the desired garden ambiance.

Make the area green


Because greenhouse balcony space is rather constrained, there won’t be much area for furniture if you want to give the sense of a lively, breezy garden. A little table and chair set will be more than enough to provide you a place to enjoy the room. Leave some place for plants and pots. 


In keeping with our goal of making efficient use of space, the rails that surround your växthus på altan may be cleverly utilized to provide even more space. While reserving the main balcony area for larger plants or trees, hanging tiny pots on the outside of the railings enables you to incorporate the colors of flowers and other small plants into the area.


Dead plants are the worst thing for a design. When choosing plants for your balcony, keep the following factors in mind:


  • There probably won’t be as much sun. Make sure the plant is resilient enough for shaded situations as most balconies only get partial sunlight.
  • It should also be a plant that can withstand dry circumstances, as your plants won’t get much rain if someone lives above you and has a balcony of their own, and greenhouse balcony typically suffer more windy conditions, especially in places where wind tunnels are formed. Make sure to water the plants many times each day, and think about investing in an automated watering system to assist you take care of your garden while you’re away.

Small herb and veggie garden

Using the area to grow some veggies and/or herbs is a gratifying alternative to the customary tiny trees and flowers that people use to beautify their greenhouse balcony. These are surprisingly easy to grow in tiny spaces, and in addition to offering you a new pleasure and activity, you’ll contribute to a little reduction in your food expenses. You may grow up to a dozen plants in each of the planters you place around the balcony, or enough mint, coriander, or parsley to last you for many weeks.


Install a few rows of shelves on the walls on either side of the greenhouse on the balcony, then fill each row with attractive pots and plants. This is another really effective technique to fill your balcony with color and vegetation, and it’s unquestionably more aesthetically pleasing than an unsightly, aged wall.

Decorative statuary

Decorative statuary

Statues, lamps, bird feeders, and fountains are all popular garden items. Many of these will also blend in with the décor of your balcony, furthering the illusion that it is a “complete” garden. Most gardens also incorporate decorations to enhance and compliment the plants.


A well-lit balcony makes for a delightful summer hideaway. After all the work you’ve put into establishing the garden, it only makes sense that you’d want to make the most of it. A candle lantern for the outside table would allow you to relax with a nice book and take in the summer evening air in addition to hanging lights from the ceiling and on the walls.


Many people who have greenhouse balcony are unaware of the potential uses for the area. All you actually need is a little imagination and knowledge of what works and doesn’t for the local environment of your balcony space. Enhance your lifestyle and home by implementing these ideas. 

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