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How to find emergency dental care in San Jose

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You may have to visit a dental clinic in an emergency. This can happen due to various reasons. Things like sudden toothache, injury, or something stuck between the teeth. These are some things that you should not try to fix yourself, but visit the closest dental clinic possible. However, if a dentist already oversees your case, please visit that particular dentist only.

In San Jose, you can find a lot of dentists who are very good at what they do. However, you need to know which emergency dentist in San Jose is the right one for your particular condition. Therefore, you need to know what your actual problem is. You may have a sudden toothache or severe cum irritation, but you also need to find out the underlying cause of the problem.

Ways of Dental Diagnosis

The only way to ensure your dental issues do not get severe and start acting up at the wrong time is to visit a dentist regularly. Regular dental visits, i.e., at least once every six months, will ensure that all your dental or oral issues are in plain sight before they ever get severe. Dentists will always say that prevention is the best cure, and they mean it with all their knowledgeable experience. You prevent major dental issues with only some basic oral and dental care routines.

Brushing, flossing, and using mouthing wash is the bare minimum you can do to protect your teeth, and that is all you need to do. A simple but consistent dental care routine can protect you from major health hazards and keep your smile perfect for much longer. The reason for visiting a dentist is that, as a normal person, you can not see the small differences in your oral health. However, an expert dentist can detect these subtle signs of disaster before they get out of control.

Which Dentist is Right for You

You need to know which type of dentist is right for you in your particular emergency case. This precaution is helpful because knowing the sub-field of the dentist you need will save you from visiting multiple clinics.


A pediatrician is the only option if a child faces a dental emergency. These dentists are child specialists and the best option for child dental care.


Suppose your problem is related to your gums. Then a periodontist is a right dentist to visit you. They know how to treat and recover your gum line to its natural state.


The orthodontist is the right choice in case of direct tooth injury or disease. These dentists are experts in treating teeth directly. They can help you align crooked and deformed teeth. Additionally, they will know when a tooth needs to be extracted to save all the neighboring teeth.

Dental Surgeon

You should visit a dental surgeon if you have suffered a severe dental injury. They are the most experts in dealing with emergency cases.


Visiting the right dentist will help you save valuable time. One clinic may have multiple types of dentists, which saves your chances of getting quicker help.

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