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The ABCs to Better Content

You have defined your strategy and developed your concept, it is time to write your content! Copywriting plays a crucial role in the success of your digital marketing, whether it is to create:

  • A website
  • A landing page
  • A newsletter
  • blog posts
  • Posts on social networks
  • Videos

Having experts on the job makes all the difference. Write a quality content can pay off big for you, as mentioned by Neil Patel, who explains that companies that use content in their digital marketing have 6x higher conversion rates than those that do not. You can also add a video to promote your business with the help of the video companies near me.


  1. Customize the text according to your target audience

To communicate with your customers, it is important to know them well. This allows you to write and strike the right tone and use terminology that is familiar to them. For example, if you are addressing scientists, you will not speak the same language as if your target audience is made up of workers.

It also means understanding the needs and issues that are important to them and adapting your content accordingly. In this sense, a study by Salesforce states that 70% of consumers say that the degree to which a company understands their individual needs influences their loyalty.


  1. Identify the intention of your text

The intention behind your content also plays an essential role in writing, since it guides the speech and the call to action. One can think for example of convincing, informing, and moving. You may also want to reassure, mobilize, seduce, promote, illustrate or position yourself as an expert. On a smaller scale, we can write that your content also has a mission. It works for you when designed well. The important thing is to never lose sight of the original intention.

After clarifying this intent, Write your key messages. Then structure the speech in such a way as to be able to accompany the reader towards a specific goal, an action that the latter will be led to carry out, to help him achieve his objectives. Good content creates movement and motivates your audience to take action, to go further towards what can make a difference.


  1. Have a bank of relevant keywords

Keywords are words or phrases that people use when looking for information in search engines, like Google. It is therefore essential to integrate them into your website and all your publications, whether in your blog articles or your publications on social media. But you still need to Write the right ones. When was your last SEO audit?

Using the right keywords ensures that the visibility of your content will be maximized organically. For instance:

  • More Views
  • Higher newsletter open rate
  • More time spent on your website
  • More people asking for a quote

According to SemRush, in 2020, 75% of marketers said optimizing their SEO was the most effective content marketing tactic they implemented during the year.


  1. Be authentic!

Don’t be afraid to bring out the personality of your organization in writing, that is, by generating content that is true to your brand and values. It is this authenticity that sets you apart from the competition and connects you in a meaningful way with your audience.

In fact, according to SBM, an average of 85% of people say authenticity is important when deciding to endorse a brand.

Creating effective content cannot be improvised. The devil is in the details and with the right approach, you increase the chances that your content will be your ally in achieving your goals through video production services near me.



In addition to Write a content designed to optimize your SEO, the expert adapts to the personality of your organization and your audience to communicate authentically and effectively.

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