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Common Mistakes That Cause Unnecessary Equipment Maintenance Issues

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Having construction equipment is not enough to increase the productivity of the job. It is important to keep them maintained so you can make your equipment work for a long time. In this instance, most construction equipment owners make some irrational mistakes that ultimately increase the maintenance issue. These unnecessary issues also increase your financial burden instead of lowering it.

For example, when equipment is standing in your fleet, then you must not keep it unattended. Sometimes, the long idling time may also affect severely the equipment’s productivity.

In this article, we are marking those common mistakes that you may unintentionally be doing with your equipment like a wheel loader for sale. Keep reading and understand them so you can avoid them in the future.

1. Ignoring the owner’s manual

It is seen that normally people do not pay attention to the owner’s manual. They just skip the document considering that they know everything about the equipment. However, it is not a good practice. No matter how experienced you are, you must read a user and owner’s manual for each new equipment. Sometimes, the manufacturers make some changes in parts and quality of oil as well and recommend the guideline accordingly. If you miss reading the manual, you may lose the basic and important information. This way, you will unintentionally be increasing the maintenance issues to the equipment.

2. Unnecessarily filling of fuel filters

In the recent market, the prefilling of the fuel filter is an unavoidable debate. People are still arguing about how and when to refill the fuel filter. Although, some experts suggest that it is not a good idea to prefill the fuel filter as it may cause damage. The prefilling of the fuel filter may increase the chance of capturing the contaminants anyways. Whether you use, a fuel can funnel, or bare hand, you will likely end up causing contamination to the fuel compartment. This will be quite dangerous for the equipment as well.

3. Inappropriate attachments

Misfit and inappropriate equipment attachment can also cause damage to the machine. It is necessary to use the right fit for the equipment so that you can increase the productivity of the equipment instead of increasing the machine maintenance issues.

For example, the hydraulic hammer on the excavator is used to dig the ground straight down in the ground. If you try to scoop out the dirt with it then it will put an extra side burden on it and the arm as well. Consequently, the arm and boom will lose control and may trip down. The repair cost of the hammer and arm is very expensive, so you must be very careful in using the right attachment for the right equipment.

4. Over speeding of the machine

Another big mistake is running the equipment over the suggested speed. When you are carrying the load on a wheel loader for sale and doing any heavy-duty task with the equipment, try to keep the equipment speed as moderate as you can. Over speeding will cause damage to the tire and you may likely lose control over the equipment. The uncontrolled equipment may hit the people and objects around the site and cause fatal accidents.


The construction equipment is supposed to make your hardest job easier. However, the negligence in the care may cause you to pay extra bucks on its maintenance. Most of construction equipment owners do not follow the basic rules of keeping the equipment and end up getting a financial burden on the increased maintenance issues. The following article has some common mistakes that people unintentionally follow. Read them and understand why you should not repeat these mistakes in the future.


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