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Real Estate Industry and Latest Trends

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What are the ways other real estate agents obtaining all the leads they need? The real estate industry is an extremely highly competitive market and is growing more competitive. But the right tools to market your property will help.

Real Geeks helps you manage your nationwide property and appraisal services contacts, create leads, establish the online reputation of your business, as well as begin with your own online advertising campaigns. It’s even cheaper than $300 per month.

Does this sound too good to be actually?

Most of the time, Real Geeks actually does meet its promises — but with an exception. Real Geeks is of course nothing in comparison to paying for an actual marketing plan… However, it’s an great turn-key solution for agents who are just beginning their career and want to save money.

Let’s look at real Geeks and its offerings as well as its pricing system and whether it’s the best choice for you.

Real Geeks Review in Brief

  • Real Geeks provides turn-key online marketing solutions for real professionals in the field of real estate.
  • Although Real Geeks may not generate an impressive amount of leads, it’s incredibly affordable.
  • Real Geeks is best for real estate professionals who are getting started or are just getting started.

What Are the Real Geeks?

Real Geeks is a company which provides low-cost leads and marketing for real estate to professionals. From 2007 Real Geeks has been expanding its services to include IDX websites as well as property valuation tools and mobile applications for clients.

Here’s the plan: Real Geeks provides you with everything you need to make your marketing more effective. Cheap. If you’re already an technology or marketing expert, then you don’t require this. If you’re a brand new agent, it might be crucial.

What Services Does Real Geeks Offer?

The Real Geeks offer a variety of commercial real estate appraiser solutions designed to assist real estate professionals to generate and turn leads. It’s not everything an agent needs to be a quick success however it’s a good beginning for anyone who is building their career.

Customer Relationship Management

Real Geeks provides a complete customer relationship management (CRM) suite. Keep track of all your contacts, leads and clients all in one place. never miss another lead.

Real Geeks designed its Real Geeks CRM specifically for the real estate business. Contrary to many CRM software, it offers all the capabilities you require and other CRM tools may be too complicated, particularly for an agent who is a soloist.

IDX Website

A IDX website is a crucial tool for realtors. It lets you showcase your properties online and get leads from prospective buyers searching for properties in your region.

Real Geeks’ IDX website solution Real Geeks’ IDX website solution is a one-stop platform that provides everything you need to design a an attractive functional, functional, and (maybe most importantly) SEO-optimized websites.

Property Valuation Tool

This Real Geeks Property Valuation Tool will help you figure out how much an asset is worth. Simply enter an address and the tool will give you an estimated value of an individual house. This tool from Real Geeks Property Valuation Tool is a great tool for real estate agents as well as real property investors.

Client Mobile App

Make your customers feel special with your mobile application. Real Geeks gives you a mobile connection to your prospects. Directly push properties to their mobiles and send actual-time updates about properties to increase your customer engagement.

Online Marketing Management

“Real Leads,” or the “Real Leads” service offers Facebook, Google, and PPC marketing assistance. Marketing online can be costly quickly, but it can be extremely efficient. If you’re not ready to throw money at campaigns, Real Leads can help to optimize your strategies.

If you’re looking for help, Real Geeks can handle all aspects of your online presence all the way from the Real Geeks website to your mobile application.


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