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Types of Truck Tool Boxes

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There are a few different types of truck tool boxes available. Here are some considerations to make before choosing the right one for your truck. First, determine the tools you usually store in your truck. These tools can include power tools and longer items. Also, consider the storage capacity you need. There are boxes that range from 6.5 cubic feet to over 9 cubic feet. You can also choose from top or side mount options. These boxes offer several benefits for truck owners.

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Top mount

Top mount truck tool boxes can be a great way to store your tools and make them easily accessible. These units can be found in many different styles and colors. The style you choose will depend on what you plan to store inside it. For smaller tools, you may want a box with multiple compartments. For larger tools, you might want one with a single large compartment.

If you’d rather not have a top toolbox, you can also get a side mount truck tool box. These tools boxes mount on the side rail of the bed, so you’ll have more space in the bed for cargo. Most of these tools boxes have a lid that locks into the bed, and they can fit into any size truck bed.

Top Mount truck tool boxes are made of durable materials, and come in single and double box styles. They’re great for adding extra storage to your truck without taking up valuable bed space. They also feature weatherproof gaskets and hand-welded seams to prevent leaks and moisture. Top mount boxes also have front opening doors that make access to their contents easy and convenient.

To choose the right top mount truck tool box, consider its durability and weight. You’ll want a sturdy toolbox with adequate storage space, and a lightweight design to make moving and towing easier. Additionally, you’ll want a top mount truck tool box that will protect your tools. It should also have enough room to accommodate the tools you need and will fit into the rest of your truck’s interior.

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Aside from a top mount toolbox, you can also buy a high-side truck toolbox to store your tools and supplies. These boxes are versatile and can be purchased from a variety of suppliers. These boxes are available in different sizes and colors, and they offer different features and functions.

Side mount

Side mount truck tool boxes allow you to store extra tools and equipment on the side of your truck bed, making them an excellent option for people who frequently work in their vehicles. These tool boxes are typically made of durable materials and are built to withstand the rigors of a working truck. In addition, side mount boxes can be locked to provide added security.

Side mount tool boxes have a single or double lid and are available in lengths ranging from forty to eighty inches. These boxes are typically eighteen inches wide and eighteen inches high, and are perfect for work trucks and commercial vehicles. Side mount boxes can have one or more compartments, depending on what you’ll put inside. For small items, you may prefer a toolbox with multiple compartments, while a larger box will provide more space.

Side mount truck tool boxes are available from a variety of manufacturers. Many are made from durable, lightweight materials, and offer ample storage space and secure organization. Some side mount toolboxes have integrated side trays and welded lids. They also feature an aluminum diamond tread construction for strength and resistance to corrosion.

Side mount truck tool boxes are also ideal for storing essential tools, as the tool box does not take up the truck bed. They feature locks and offset hinges for easy opening and closing. They are also narrow, allowing for additional storage in the truck’s bed. This allows you to store more things in your vehicle, such as lawn mowers and other tools.

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If you’re in need of a secure toolbox for your truck, you can choose from the DeeZee Crossover Toolbox, which is designed for side mount mounting. Its gull wing lid and recessed padlock shackle make it the perfect choice for hauling large tools. The company offers several different models, including a Red Label option, and two hardware series options.


Chest of truck tool boxes are a great way to keep tools accessible and organized. These boxes are typically low-profile, sitting below the bedrail and are compatible with tonneau covers. They come with paddle handles for easy access and a lid that opens nearly 90 degrees. The lid has a rotary-style latch mechanism that keeps moisture and rain from getting inside. Other features of this type of tool box include a weather-sealing seal, self-adjusting latches and strikers, and one-touch opening and closing. For added security, they are sold with a one-year limited warranty.

When comparing chest-style tool boxes, look for their mounting style. Some are installed on top of the bed rails, while others rest on side rails. In either case, you should choose a mounting style that makes the tool box easy to access. Typically, chest-style boxes are 16 to 18 inches tall, which allows for plenty of bed space. However, this style does limit the amount of floor space you have available in your truck.

Side-mount boxes are also popular with truck owners who work out of their trucks all day. They sit on either side of the bed, and they often work well with a front-mounted crossover tool box. The sides of side-mount boxes are notched, extending into the truck bed along the sides. These boxes are great for power tools and long tools.

A good truck box is designed to protect your tools from dents and dings. It should be designed to fit your truck bed. It should also be water-resistant.


UnderCover truck tool boxes provide a convenient, secure place to store and protect your truck’s tools. They can be installed and removed easily with ease, making them easy to use and maintain. In fact, SwingCase is the only swinging removable portable truck utility case on the market.

The Swing Case truck tool box is designed to fit the empty space behind the wheel well and swings out for easy access to 75 pounds of gear. It is made of durable ABS plastic and has a lockable lid. It is also waterproof and comes with a one-year warranty. Its locking lid keeps tools safe and secure, and it has a sliding tray to organize the tools inside.

SwingCase truck tool boxes come in a variety of sizes and features. A 75-pound capacity is standard, but capacity can be customized to meet the needs of a particular truck. The tool box is also equipped with a perimeter moisture seal for weather resistance and an inside plastic tray organizer. The box can be installed on various truck models, so you don’t have to drill holes or install brackets.

Swing Case: The UnderCover Swing Case is a removable portable utility case that can be installed on most truck beds. Its latching system installs in as little as five minutes, and it can store up to 75 pounds of cargo. It also features cup holders for convenience. This removable utility case is easily removable for easy access to the truck bed.

UnderCover truck tool boxes come with a limited warranty. It covers the ABS polymer structure for one year. It also covers hinges, latches, and hardware. This warranty is available only for the original purchaser, and the original sales receipt serves as proof of purchase. In some cases, a claim may require proof of the defect. This information can be obtained at the time of claim.

Crescent Jobox

Crescent JOBOX truck tool boxes are one of the most popular brands of truck tool boxes today. They are well known for their innovative ideas and quality products. In addition to their truck tool boxes, Crescent also offers many different types of storage containers to fit all of your needs. They are available at a variety of retail locations, including Home Depot and Amazon.

These boxes are easy to install and use and are a great way to protect your tools. They have a wide selection of storage capacities from 6.5 cubic feet to over nine cubic feet. When choosing a tool box, keep in mind the tools you will most likely use while driving. Also, think about whether you will be carrying longer items or power tools.

Crescent JOBOX truck tool boxes are renowned for being durable, good quality, and affordable. Whether you are a professional or a hobbyist, these boxes are an excellent way to store all of your tools and accessories. They are a great way to protect your tools while on the road.

The JOBOX truck tool box is the ultimate combination of quality and design. Its aluminum drawer and flat bottom are easy to open and close and have special features that make it easy to identify tools. The adjustable base makes it easy to level out the tool box for optimal stability.

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