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Finding Chinese Food Near Me in New York

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If you’re in New York, you have probably developed a deep and meaningful relationship with your local Chinese restaurant. The unlikely romance began over a plate of chop suey. You even tip extra if they deliver your food. In New York, the best Chinese food is always fresh, and you can find the best places near you by exploring your local neighborhoods. Here are some recommendations: Little Alley, China Chef, and Szechuan Mountain House.

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Little Alley

If you’re in search of Chinese food near me in New York City, you can find Little Alley on the Uber Eats app. You can place an order right from the app or you can order food online, then have it delivered to your door. You can even track your order online!

This Shanghainese restaurant is located in Murray Hill. While it’s not a top-tier spot, it’s worth a try if you’re in the mood for some soup dumplings. You can get a table for two here without a reservation, and the food is inexpensive enough for a casual date. The only downside is the price, which can be quite high for solo diners.


If you’re looking for authentic Chinese food in Xi’an, you’ll have plenty of choices. Some restaurants offer only a few dishes, while others specialize in more exotic dishes. Whether you’re looking for a classic liangpi noodle dish, spicy lamb pao mo soup, or a variety of dim sum, you’ll be able to find it here.

The Muslim Quarter is one of the most traditional and culturally rich places to go for authentic Chinese food. This quarter is a short distance from the ancient walled city and has an energetic atmosphere. You’ll find loud hawking and neon signs throughout the quarter. Its history goes back as far as the 7th century, and its atmosphere remains almost unchanged.

Another good place to find authentic Chinese food is De Fa Chang, an internationally acclaimed restaurant that serves dumplings. The chefs at this restaurant are famous for creating dumplings with all sorts of fillings. They also have a buffet that’s a must-try!

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Some Chinese restaurants offer iced tea, but you’ll need to look for it outside the country. While fresh made black iced tea is available at many tourist restaurants, Chinese mainlanders generally drink mass-produced versions that are bottled like soft drinks. If you’re looking for beef chow mien, you may find it served on fried noodles, but the taste might not be quite as authentic as you’re used to.

China Chef

If you’re looking for a China Chef near me, you’ve come to the right place. You can browse the menu online, use the Google map to find the nearest location, or call the restaurant directly to place an order. You can also find phone numbers and reviews, and see what other customers have to say about the place.

Szechuan Mountain House

Sichuan cuisine is known for its spicy, homey dishes. The dishes are often served with pots of tea. The spicy Sichuan dishes are usually served with a side of chiles. If you’re looking for a tasty, authentic Chinese meal in a restaurant near you, Szechuan Mountain House is the place for you.

This Chinese restaurant has several locations, including one in Flushing, Queens. The location is above average, with a nice, warm ambiance. The menu features a variety of dishes, including sliced pork belly with chili garlic sauce. The food is generously portioned, and the decor is stylish.

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The menu at Szechuan Mountain House is daring and flavorful, but it’s not for the faint of heart. The food is extremely spicy, and you will sweat like crazy if you’re not careful. If you’re a vegetarian, Szechuan Mountain House offers a selection of vegetarian dishes. You can also try the duck egg-yolk-coated yellow corn kernels, which have a flavor and texture that’s unmatched by other kinds of popcorn. Szechuan Mountain House also serves fried rice, which is ramified with vegetables. The mustard greens and celery provide a snap to the dish and a hint of flavor.

While Szechuan Mountain House offers classic dishes, there’s a new location in Flushing, New York. The menu focuses on dishes from the region. Dishes include clear noodles in a spicy meat sauce, tea-smoked duck, sliced beef and tendon, and wasabi arctic surf clams.

Szechuan Mountain House is a great place to go for authentic Sichuan cuisine. Its menu is divided into two columns – Traditional and New Style. The traditional column contains dishes that feature plenty of chile oil and green chiles. The menu is vast, so you’ll find plenty to choose from.

Joe’s Shanghai

If you’re looking for a spot for authentic Chinese food in a spare setting, consider Joe’s Shanghai in Chinatown. This eatery is famed for its soup dumplings and Shanghai dishes. Located on a charming street in the center of the city, it is the ideal place to grab a quick bite and relax.

This authentic Chinese restaurant can be found in Chinatown, Manhattan. You can find the menu online and place your order for pickup or delivery. Popular items include Pork Meat Soup Dumplings, Scallion Pancake, and Fried Rice. The restaurant also offers delivery in Manhattan.

The restaurant was originally founded in Flushing, Queens. In 1995, it opened a branch in Chinatown. The restaurant became famous for its soup dumplings and xiao long bao, a type of Shanghai specialty. The soup dumplings are served piping hot, with the perfect meat-to-soup ratio.

While Joe’s Shanghai is a well-known Chinese restaurant in Manhattan, there are also branches in Flushing and Midtown. One of their most popular locations is in Chinatown, where a line forms down Pell Street. The menu at this restaurant is large, with an array of favorites, including soup dumplings filled with crab and pork, and fried dumplings.

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