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The Effects of Vaping On Pets, Plants, And People Around You

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Vaping is one of the safest alternatives to smoking, and it is more socially acceptable than smoking. We see people vaping in parks, workspaces, restaurants, airports, and almost every public space. The reason is that it has none of the effects of secondhand smoke that cigarettes have, and it poses no risk to the health of both users and bystanders. But vaping can affect those around you, if not from a health perspective. As a vape brand, we want to educate our customers on the products we are selling and promoting, and we have an obligation to enlighten our users on the use and misuse of those products, be it IVG vapes, bars, or our E-liquids range.

Vaping and Furniture:

Those who smoke cigarettes usually have to apply a couple of coats of paint whenever they are renovating or revamping their spaces. Similarly, they are always seen cleaning lampshades and dusting off ash from their furniture to remove the smell and mess created by ash and combustion. The particles of cigarette smoke are made up of benzene and byproducts of combustion that are in solid form and take time to settle down and get absorbed. As a result, they permeate the surrounding air and cause harm to human health and damage furniture. The vapor produced by your vape quickly settles in the environment, and within the span of 15 seconds, it disappears. It doesn’t have any effect on human beings; however, the VG content of your e-liquid tends to stick on glass and furniture. One thing that you may also have noticed is the dust that gets collected on your shelves and TV. It is the residue of VG and is sticky enough to capture the dust.

Try to avoid vaping in your car as well, especially around the time when winter hits, because the outside fog coupled with the one that gets formed due to vaping causes blaze from oncoming headlights and can hinder your view. Always make sure to clean your window and mirrors before and after you’re done driving.

Vaping Around People:

You will often hear nice things from people like “oh, you smell like a bakery,” or “did you have strawberries for breakfast?” After all, it’s better to smell like vanilla or berries than reek of cigarettes or ash. But some people can be extremely sensitive to the smell and atmosphere around them and can quickly find it irritating or overbearing, especially older people and children. It is said that it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission, but indoor vaping also entails the people around you, and it’s important to be mindful and respectful to them. And it’s common courtesy to stop taking part in an activity if it’s causing inconvenience to those around you. Still, there are certain rules that you should bear in mind when you’re in a public space that’s likely with people who wouldn’t appreciate your vaping habits.

1.      Follow The Regulation of the Establishment

It would be best if you always tried to stick with the smoking rules of the establishment. A general rule of thumb for all vapers is to switch to stealth vaping. If an outdoor space clearly states that smoking is prohibit inside the premises, then it’s better to assume that vaping is also part of the guideline.

2.      Avoid Vaping in A Family-Friendly Eatery or Restaurant.

Family-friendly eateries are places where people of all ages are welcome and served. Weekends are particularly full, with families bringing their children and parents to have dinner in a pleasant environment. People who are not familiar with vaping may think of it as a nuisance. This is interrupting the quality of their food and the overall ambiance of the place they are sitting inside. Vaping inside a closed environment with less ventilation and tables with much fewer gaps next to yours would ruin the mood of those around you and put an unsolicited taste of vape flavours in their surrounding space.

3.      Switch to Stealth Vaping in The Workplace

Stealth vaping refers to a vaping in a discreet manner and displays no sign of vaping. It’s usually done with the help of you’re a few fingers in which you hold your device and entails taking in short drags without letting the vapour escape. The reason why stealth vaping is wise over blowing thick clouds of vapour in someone’s face is obvious. Blowing vapours is extremely distracting and inconsiderate and can easily irritate your coworkers if you end up catching their attention.

Vaping Around Pets and Plants:

There is no tested and proven harm your vaping habit could bring to your pets and plants. But you should handle it with care when you have plants and animals around you. Dust may end up accumulating on the leaves of your plants, so you should spray water on them periodically. Getting an air purifier would help as well if you want to employ a proactive measure. As for your pet, you must keep the bottles of your e-liquid hidden away from your pets. Your cat or dog might chew on them and get sick. PG is ban in cat food because cats can be allergic to it. Hence don’t aim your vapor at your cat if you have one around, and try to keep it in a ventilated area. Birds are susceptible to respiratory issues indoors because air flows through their bodies differently than ours. Try to ensure you have decent cross-breeze/exhaust-style ventilation at your place, especially where you keep your bird.

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