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Should I Get An iPad Pro 12.9 Or Surface Pro 8?

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Both Apple and Microsoft have their heavyweights when it comes to tablets. Apple’s iPad Pro 12.9 rules high and mighty over other iPads, while Microsoft’s Surface Pro 8 provides a great laptop experience. So, which of the Pros is better? Which device checks all the boxes and gives you all you need and more? Let’s find out.

Surface Pro 8 vs. iPad Pro 12.9

Microsoft launched the Surface Book in 2015. The product was a tablet with a hardware keyboard attached mechanically. The company marketed the Surface as a laptop as opposed to a tablet. Over the years, Microsoft upgraded the product, and the latest models are the Surface Pro 8 and the Surface Pro X.

Meanwhile, the iPad Pro 12.9 is the latest in a line of Apple iPads that come in all sizes and forms. Sleek and powerful, the Pro is a beast of a machine that you can take with you anywhere. Apple launched it in 2015, and is now in its fifth generation.


The Surface Pro 8 has an 11th-generation Cori7 Intel processor, making it extremely fast. These Intel quad-core processors are the same used in Microsoft’s laptops. In fact, the Surface Pros always focused on providing a computer instead of a tablet experience. The graphics also allow you to run powerful apps such as Photoshop quickly and effortlessly.

One of the iPad Pro 12.9’s winning features is the M chip. This chip is the most powerful chip that Apple has created so far. Designed initially for Macbooks, the M1 chip boosts the iPad Pro’s processing power and increases battery life. Apple features “the world’s fastest CPU core in low-power silicon, the world’s best CPU performance per watt, the world’s fastest integrated graphics in a personal computer, and breakthrough machine learning performance with the Apple Neural Engine.”

Microsoft’s flagship tablet is highly portable. It weighs 1.96 pounds and measures 11.3 X 8.2 X 0.37 inches. The iPad Pro, however, is slightly lighter and thinner. It weighs 1.5 pounds and measures 11.04 X 8.46 X 0.25 inches.

Connectivity is one of the Surface Pro 8’s most outstanding features. It has two Thunderbolt 4 ports and upgraded Intel cable connections that can power your devices, transfer data or display a video. A Thunderbolt 4 is often described as the port that will rule them all. Many electronic devices are shifting towards Thunderbolt 4 ports, making them universally easy to connect or charge. The iPad Pro still uses the lightning connector that you can only use interchangeably with other Apple devices.

Graphics And Display

Sharp graphics are crucial when you have so much screen real estate. Microsoft’s Surface Pro 8 has a thinner bezel than previous models, creating more screen space. In fact, it is 11 percent larger than the Surface Pro 7 and 12.5 percent brighter. The Pro 8 screen has a higher pixel density than the iPad Pro and is more luminous.

That said, it is tough to beat the iPad Pro 12.9’s display. The iPad Pro has a Liquid XDR Mini LED display. Thousands of tiny LED lights are set around the screen, giving you a crystal clear image.


These tablets do not come cheap. Both are at the top of their range with the latest technology. In fact, the prices reflect these factors. The basic 128GB Wi-Fi version costs $1099 and goes up to a maximum of $2199 for 2TB storage. The Wi-Fi and Cellular iPad Pro 12.9 starts at $1299 for 128 GB and goes for $2399 for 2TB. The iPad Pro comes in two colors: space gray and silver.

Similarly, the Surface Pro 8 has two color options: platinum and graphite. The starting price for the lowest specs – with 8 GB RAM and 128 SSD is $899.99. The top-of-the-range Surface 8 Pro with Intel Evo Core i7, 32 GB Ram, and 1TB SSD costs $2199.99. In addition, if you want a keyboard, you need to purchase it separately. Microsoft stopped selling the keyboards with the tablets as with the previous versions. The prices for the Surface Pro keyboard range between $139.99 and $279.99.

Both devices are at the top of the range in their respective categories. While the Surface Pro 8 holds first place for being a laptop, the iPad Pro is powerful with a better display, cameras, and features. In addition, you still need to purchase a keyboard separately to fully get the feel of a laptop with the Surface Pro 8.

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