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What color curtains for a gray living room?

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Gray is a colour that has good press when it comes to decorating. Its neutral and modern character makes it a trendy shade in recent years. In a living room, it is a good choice of shade to decorate your walls, furniture or textiles. How to choose suitable curtains for your grey living room? What colours to associate with grey to decorate a living room? How to find the pair of curtains that will enhance your interior? This is what we will discover today by exploring the many ways to create a beautiful harmony of colours between the curtains and the decor of a grey living room.

How to choose the right curtains for a living room decoration?

In a living room, the primary function of the curtains is to protect you from the vis-à-vis while decorating the room. The curtains create an intimate atmosphere. This is why we will instead favour decorative curtains in the living room such as sheers, velvet curtains or linen curtains. As for the materials, you can therefore opt for more or less thick curtains according to your desires. Grey Blackout curtains work well in a traditional-looking grey or industrially decorated living room. Sheer and lighter curtains are preferred to create a beautiful airy atmosphere in a Scandinavian living room.

The shade of grey in your living room will be decisive in choosing the base colour of your curtains. Indeed, the colour associations with a light grey are not the same as with slate grey or dark grey. Depending on the colour of your wall paint and your furniture, you can take inspiration from it to create a decor in a comprehensive modern grey look with curtains of the same colour. Finally, if classic curtains are not for you, you can explore other formats. Blinds, Japanese panels and other original window coverings can bring charm and exoticism to the decoration of a grey living room.

The most beautiful colour combinations in a grey living room

Now let’s move on to a photo slideshow of the most beautiful alliances of coloured curtains in a grey living room. Neutral tones and cream shades bring softness to a grey interior. Transparent curtains will be excellent choices if you want to create a Zen atmosphere in your living room. The advantage of having a living room decorated in light grey is that it naturally benefits from beautiful light. This will bring a touch of sobriety and elegance to the whole.

Consider grey and pink to create a beautiful harmony of colours in a modern living room. Pink curtains will give a soft and sophisticated look to decorating a cool grey living room. This combination of two shades is ideal for creating a Scandinavian style in a grey living room. You can go for pastel pink curtains and sheers with a more intense shade of pink. In both cases, the delicacy of the shade will make it possible to counterbalance the relative coldness of a grey interior decoration. Gray and yellow in the living room form a colour alliance full of pep. Solar energy emerges from the shade of yellow. In a grey living room, ocher or yellow curtains give the layout a more original and dynamic look. This alliance is conducive to good humour.

The patterns are invited on your curtains; dress them with arabesques, shapes inspired by nature and abstract designs. Patterned curtains allow you to play on perspectives in a living room. With horizontal lines, the curtains will give an impression of length which will visually enlarge your room. With graphic patterns, the curtains can bring out the chic and modern side of the decor. Finally, with tropical or vegetal prints, your window curtains will soften the atmosphere of your living room. So many options to create a decoration according to your desires and style. Shades of grey are a great way to decorate a sophisticated living room. Combining grey curtains in a frame of the same colour creates a modern living room universe. In sheer, the decoration will play on transparency and voluptuousness. With thick curtains, the atmosphere will be more refined and elegant.

In both cases, a complete grey look will have the advantage of being able to highlight other elements of your decoration. The uniform frame will naturally underline the aesthetics of a piece of fine wood furniture. 

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