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Moxie Institute’s Executive Presence Coaches are Creating Self-Awareness That Leads to Self-Mastery

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La Jolla, CA, Sep 5, 2022—When it comes to executive presence, you either have it or you don’t. Moxie Institute’s executive coaches are proving that they have it—by passing it on to others. The business professionals they coach walk away with this elusive but valued leadership asset. 


Executive presence has played a vital part in the career of Moxie’s CEO, Fia Fasbinder. She understands the intricacies of learning it and teaching it. 


Executive presence starts with self-awareness, and that’s something that can’t be faked. You’re either being honest with yourself, or you aren’t,” she says. “You aren’t just speaking a certain way, you’re seeing things a certain way—especially how others see you and are affected by your actions. That all starts with self-awareness, so you can’t mime your way through it. I’m really proud of the team of world-class certified executive coaches we’ve assembled. They’re very human-focused in their approach to professional development.” 


Moxie’s president, Gregg Fasbinder, thinks that the industry should make room for leadership based on human truths, not just business tactics. 


He says “Our leadership and executive coaches have such ongoing success because they don’t teach you to pretend. There’s so much instruction out there based on ‘fake it til you feel it.’ Moxie’s executive coaching takes the opposite approach—leading from your authentic self. This makes better leaders, which means better decisions, improved results and a magnetic culture for your company, which means everyone is happier and more fulfilled at the end of the day.”


There’s a trend of companies prioritizing coaching even when company resources are tight. As times get challenging for organizations, the importance of good decision-making and excellent  leadership are crucial. Good leadership coaching minimizes the chances of a decision or an attitude that could derail a team or lead to a business’s demise.


Moxie Institute is a top pick for their consistent output of competent, confident, and compelling leaders that employees want to follow.


Right now, you can get a taste of Moxie’s standard-stetting approach to executive presence by reading their Ultimate Guide Blog on Executive Presence.

We guarantee that if you read this all the way through, you’ll understand what the majority of executives are missing. You’ll be able to identify the subtle disconnects between leaders and their teams that contribute to poor performance. Better yet, you’ll understand what you need to do to become a respected and exceptional leader.


Leadership is merely influence. Show us a good leader, and we’ll show you someone who can influence. With that in mind, here are some definitions of executive presence you might come across while reading widely on the subject.

Definitions of executive presence have included:

The ability to lead a group both verbally and nonverbally is highly valued.
The ability to inspire others to believe in you and in themselves—and to motivate them to take meaningful action
Being genuine, vulnerable, strong-willed, supportive, strategic, fair, and compassionate are all important.

Moxie Institute’s relentless passion and dedication to helping business leaders and their teams make an impact with their message and speak with confidence, along with their unique background in the performing arts and neuroscience, make them one of the most premier and sought-after corporate training companies on the planet.


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Mobile: 858-771-6827

Email: Gregg@moxieinstitute.com

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