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How To Select A Dining Table? The Size Guide

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It is not always easy to choose the right dimensions for a dining table and in particular when choosing a custom-made model. But rest assured, at Homary, we are here to help you and in this article we explain how to determine the dimensions of your table. We will try to answer the questions that are most often asked.

First of all, small prerequisite, it’s a matter of common sense: the size of your dining table must take into account the size of your room. Indeed, it would be a shame to choose a table that does not fit in your living room or your dining room… Now that you have taken the measurements of your dining room or your kitchen, you still have to couple them with our calculation rules. Regarding the height under the top, count 75 cm to be able to pass the legs without problem. This of course depends on the height of the chair, but in general, in a seated position, our thighs are 60 cm from the ground.

What space should be provided around the dining table?

The most important thing is not to forget to take into account the space taken up by the chairs. They should be far enough away from the walls to allow sitting down and getting off the table comfortably. To take this space into account, you can add 120 cm in length and width, or 60 cm per chair, on each side. We make a drawing for you to better understand:

What space should be provided per person around a dining table and what should be the space between two chairs?

A seated person needs 45 cm of space in width. To be comfortable, allow 15 cm of space between two chairs. To simplify your calculations, allow 60 cm of space per person around your table. If you multiply 60 by the number of seats you want to have around your table, you will get the linear length of your table. For example, to accommodate 4 people along the length of your table: 60 x 4 is equal to 240 cm. Your table will therefore have to be 240 cm long so that your guests are comfortable.

Note that a seated person needs a minimum depth of 35 cm. This means that if two people are facing each other, the width of the dining table must be at least 70 cm. Count 75 to be comfortable. Another thing, if you want to put a person at the end of the table, the width must be 90 cm. If you want to place two people at the end of the table, then the width must be 120 cm. Let’s go into more details with concrete examples on https://www.homary.com/category/dining-tables-34.html.

What dimensions for a rectangular table for 6 people?

To place 6 people around a rectangular table, you have two choices: either 3 people face the other 3 people, or you put one person at each end of the table and therefore two people facing each other lengthwise.

In the first choice, the length of your table must be at least 180 cm (3 x 60), and the width 75 cm.

With one person per end of the table, this gives table dimensions of 120 cm (2 x 60) by 90 cm.

What dimensions for a square table of 8 people?

A square dining table will optimally fill a square room without wasting space. And if you plan an even number of guests, it’s ideal. For example, if you need to place 8 people around your table, just put two per side. Each side will measure at least 120 cm. Guests will be comfortably seated around the table, the center of which will easily accommodate the good dishes you have prepared. Know that a square table is also suitable for a rectangular room.

What length of table should I plan for a table of 12 people?

Twelve people around a table, it’s starting to make a lot of people! Don’t panic, you have several possibilities for several table lengths. If you choose not to put anyone at the end of the table, you will logically have six people in front of six people. It is then necessary to provide a table length of 360 cm (6 x 60) and 75 cm wide, at least. If you want to bring the guests slightly closer, the ideal is to place two people side by side at the end of the table. This requires a larger table width (120 cm) but a shorter length (4 x 60 or 240 cm).

What size for an oval table of 12 people for a wedding?

In this variant we suggest you opt for an oval table rather than a rectangular one. Deprived of its ends of the table, the oval table wants to be more convivial, the guests can communicate more easily. In addition, rounding saves space. It is a dining table shape that is very popular for weddings.

Then count about 50 cm per person to calculate the perimeter of the table. We spare you the complicated calculations but know that for example, an oval table of 280 cm by 120 cm is good for 12 people. 300cm x 100cm is also suitable.

What dimensions for a round table?

In the logical sequence, let’s now move on to the round dining table! It is ideal for small spaces because it optimally fills the space. It also reinforces the spirit of conviviality. If you are an odd number to eat together every day, it is better to choose a round table, so that no one is left alone at the end of the table.

Regarding the dimensions for a round table, you can start with a diameter of 120 cm if you are 6, or 150 cm if you are 8. Your guests will be perfectly comfortable around the table.

What space around a round table?

The space is the same as for a rectangular table: it is necessary to provide at least 60 cm, chairs included. In order to be able to move freely around the table, also allow 80 cm. If the dining room is square, the corners will allow for more space behind the table.

What dimensions for restaurant tables?

Here are some examples of layout and dimensions for a table, both for your home and for a bistro table in a restaurant. If you want to arrange the room of your restaurant, know that there are round, square, rectangular or sometimes even hexagonal and oval tables. However, the first three are the most common. It is also necessary to take into account the fact that a round table occupies more space than a rectangular table for example, with an equal number of guests.

In the restoration there are standard sizes. However, you can, thanks to tailor-made, furnish your dining room as you wish. To help you if you have no idea of ​​the standard dimensions, here is a small summary table:

People 4 6 8 10
Round table 90cm 125cm 150cm 175cm
Rectangular table 90 x 140cm 90x180cm 90x240cm 90x300cm

Finally, so that your customers are comfortable, also remember to respect a minimum size of 50 cm per person. You can go up to 70 cm for maximum comfort.

We hope after reading this article that you can now easily choose the table that best suits your needs. If you still have a few questions, do not hesitate to contact us, our experts are there to advise you. And if everything is clear in your mind, you just have to click on the button below!

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