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Gmaps Pedometer – A Free Web App That Tracks Your Steps and Distance

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If you’re looking for a free app that tracks your steps and distance, look no further than Gmaps pedometer. Using a Google Maps mashup, this web app calculates your route and calories burned while you’re on the move. The app saves your route and calculates elevation, giving you the exact distance you’ve covered and calories burned. What’s more, the free version is compatible with any operating system, so you can track your progress on the go.


gmaps pedometer is a free web app

If you’re looking for a free web app that tracks your steps and distance, Gmaps Pedometer is a good choice. The app combines the ease of using Google Maps with a route tracking tool. It also calculates calories burned, elevation change, and distance. It has an easy-to-understand interface that lets you switch off features when not in use.

Gmaps Pedometer is one of the first distance-logging tools created with the Google Maps API. The free app helps you track the distance you’ve traveled by running/biking routes and includes a calorie counter based on weight and elevation. Its interface is fairly bland and lacks a central database of user-created running routes. However, users can share their routes in a forum. Unlike other tools in this category, Gmaps Pedometer does not require registration. Users can print their maps if they wish to.

A Google map pedometer works with the default sensor on your mobile or wearable. While a smartwatch is ideal, if you don’t have one, you can still use the Google Fit app. The app is compatible with both Android and i0S smartphones. Google offers a large number of apps and features to help make our lives easier. There are even Google pedometers for people with diabetes.

Another free pedometer option is the Fitbit. It has a minimalist design and does not require you to sign in with a cloud service. It counts your steps with your device’s sensors and allows you to track your progress with the app. You can even backup your data to Google Drive. The Pro Plan has more advanced features, but it requires a monthly fee. It’s worth it, however, if you want to enjoy more features.

Another great pedometer option is the Fitbit. This free app tracks the number of steps you take, calories burned, distance traveled, and sleep. It also allows you to scan barcodes for food to log your meals. It also has a daily blog and is great for tracking exercise. Most pedometer apps are available in the Google Play Store. They are also compatible with Fitbit devices.

It uses a Google Maps mashup to calculate distance

The Geolocator package includes a method for calculating distance between two points. This method isn’t for route distance but only for the “As the Crow Flies” calculation. It uses the Haversine formula to determine the distance between two points. The distance is then displayed in miles or kilometers. The distance is also saved in temporary internet cookies. The distance between two points can be calculated by navigating to each location on a Google Maps page.


Using this tool is simple. The Distance Matrix API enables you to calculate distance from latitude and longitude. By using this data, the application determines the average speed of travel between two points. The app uses this average speed to calculate the distance from two points. It has many features to help you navigate your route more efficiently. To use Distance Matrix, you must know which features are available to you.

There are a variety of ways to calculate distance. Google Maps provides both route distance and straight-line distance, which solve different problems for users. The Google Maps API can be used to calculate the distance between two locations in any application. You can also use Google Maps to get directions to places. This app also uses Google Maps API to calculate distance. In addition to using Google Maps API to calculate distance, it also allows you to print directions to locations.

Another feature of Google Maps is its ability to calculate average speed. The algorithm makes use of GPS data from individual cell phones and adjusts the average speed during periods of high traffic or clear skies. GPS tracking data is not new to Google Maps, but modern applications use data analytics to provide more intelligence from GPS tracking data. With this feature, you can easily find the distance between two locations, and even track your route in real-time.

It saves your route

To save your route with gmaps, you need to select a specific map, and then double click on the location that you wish to draw. The distance from the previous point and the cumulative distance will be displayed in the boxes above the map. The route will remain red until you save it. After saving, it will turn blue. You can also undo the last point to start over.

You can also share your routes with the community. Gmaps pedometer allows you to save your favorite routes. You must first register to save your routes. Once you’ve done so, you’ll receive a route number. This number can be retrieved later by entering it into the load route box. Besides sharing your route with friends, you can also print the route. A pedometer can make you more physically active, but you should remember some important tips to stick to the program.

A pedometer is very helpful for runners. This web application will calculate how far you’ve walked and run. You can measure your distance using it as a guide. Google Maps will also show you the distance. It’s easy to track your route with gmaps pedometer. You’ll be amazed at how convenient this tool is! The best part about gmaps pedometer is that it saves your route!

Aside from tracking your steps, GMAPS PEDOMETER offers some additional features for cyclists and runners alike. The app calculates the distance, calories burned, and more! It even offers a social community to share your favorite routes. You can even change the distance between miles and kilometers. When you’re done, you can share your route via email or bookmark. Another useful feature of Gmaps pedometer is its units.

It calculates elevation

A free tool called the Gmaps Pedometer calculates elevation while walking, running, or biking. Users can draw routes on the map, specify the starting point, and click points along the way to record their data. This app also displays elevation data in miles and elevation change over time. Users can also bookmark routes to view the elevation change over time. It is useful for tracking progress in your daily life and for planning a vacation or a workout session.


Aside from calculating elevation, the Gmaps Pedometer includes a host of cool features. Not only can you track your distance, but you can also share the information with friends. The app can also adjust the route for you, follow a trail, and calculate steps going backwards. You can even disable the automatic route generation to make your walk or run a longer or shorter distance. It also tracks calories burned and displays the average elevation during the day.

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