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Does A Pap Smear Test Help To Find Out Cancer?

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Cervical cancer is a deadly disease, and if not detected early, it causes death. Therefore, you need an urgent care pap smear test because it is a lifesaver. A pap smear test typically is reproductive system care that is meant for preventive purposes. The tests usually detect abnormal cells from the cervical sample collected by a gynecologist. These tests assist in detecting the presence of precancerous cells in the cervix. During these tests, your doctor checks for human papillomavirus, the leading cause of cervical cancer. If the outcome from urgent care pap smear is abnormal, you have cancer, an infection, or any other medical issues. This test is essential because it helps your doctor detect abnormal cells in your cervix that can become cancerous later in life. Keep reading to understand if a pap smear test can help detect cancer.

Why Get an Urgent Care Pap Smear?

Urgent care pap smear tests are mainly conducted together with pelvic exams. Suppose you are already 30 years old; you should get a North Hills pap smear test and the HPV one together. The human papillomavirus is typically transmitted through sexual intercourse. And it is also the primary cause of cervical cancer in women. You and your doctor will agree on how often you should take these tests.

The best age to get these tests is when you reach 21. At this age, your reproductive system will have fully developed. You will get these tests after every 2 to 3 years. Once you clock 30 years, you will need to get these tests together with HPV. You must get these tests if you are at particular risk of getting cervical cancer. These risk factors include;

  • If you have a weak immune system
  • Cancer remission
  • And if you have HIV

These factors put you at risk of getting cervical cancer; therefore, you will need to get pap smears more often.

Benefits of Getting a Pap Smear Test

  • Getting an urgent care pap smear benefits your reproductive health as a woman. Among the many benefits of this test is that you will better understand your reproductive system. These tests allow doctors to detect the presence of cancerous cells that might put your cervical health in danger by getting cancer.
  • Routine pap smear tests will help to prevent cells from developing into cancer. During these tests, your doctor will depict any threatening cell. Also, pap smears will help to detect and eliminate the presence of viruses like HPV before they spread.
  • The HPV virus usually attacks the vagina and cervix region in the patient. At North Hills clinic, we encourage our patients who have turned 30 to get HPV tests with pap smears. Taking these two tests comes with several health advantages. Pap smears tend to be helpful when conducting tests to help establish cases of serious infections. This is because they convey essential details when assisting the patient in detecting any underlying health issue.
  • Suppose you wonder who benefits from this procedure, do not worry. Women who have turned 21 years can start these tests. These tests are done after every two to three years. But if you are already 30 years, you should take them alongside HPV tests. It does not mean you cannot get the tests if you are under 21. You should have the tests if you suspect you are at risk of getting cervical cancer.


Getting an urgent care pap smear test is a lifesaver. It helps in detecting the presence of cervical cancer. Detecting the disease will help doctors treat it early before it progresses to advanced stages. During the tests, it is also possible to test for HPV. This virus is contracted through sexual intercourse with men or women. To lower the risks of getting this virus, you must practice safe sex because it is the primary cause of cervical cancer.


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