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Benefits of Online Hifz Classes

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There is no need to go blocks away from your home to the Madrassa. The online Quran classes make it easier for interested students to access Islamic knowledge from the comfort of their homes. Unlike other courses, online Hifz classes are considered to be an impossible feat. However, some credible Quran companies are working in the industry and offering online Hifz classes, making it easier for students to memorize the Quran at home. Although it requires plenty of hard work from the students, the aptitude of teachers and the motivation they provide helps the students learn Quran by heart.

If you want to memorize Quran online or want your kid to do so, you might have some concerns in your mind. This blog features some of the benefits you can avail yourself when opting for an online hifz program:

Easy to Monitor Teacher’s Performance

Many online Quran learning platforms offer Arab and non-Arab teachers to their prospects. However, parents are rightfully concerned about the performance of their children. They want to monitor the teacher and understand their teaching methodology suits their child. Monitoring your child during class becomes relatively more accessible with the online Quran memorization classes. You can sit beside your kid while taking the Quran class and analyze their performance. Later, you can reach out to the online hifz tutor and discuss how you want them to teach the child. You can contact the teacher and get an accurate report of your child’s performance. This is one of the most significant benefits of choosing online hifz classes for students.

Flexible Timings

In the traditional way of teaching the Quran, it was difficult for the kids and tutors to find a suitable teaching time. Online Hifz Programs are escaping all these issues. They bring a comprehensive Quran memorization program for the students and provide the freedom to choose their suitable timings. This flexibility trait resolves all the issues that are faced during cross-cultural communication.

Every country has a different time zone, and families live different lifestyles. These differences can be pushed aside, and teachers and students can create a workable schedule for the online hifz classes. This makes it even easier to conduct regular classes, unlike the on-site classes, which are often missed due to time management issues.


Access to Certified Quran Teachers

Reaching out to certified tutors is not easy in the current world. As people live far away and the population increases, visiting credible teachers is out of the question for some people. Problems like traffic and higher charges make it even more difficult.

These problems can be overcome with the online hifz academy. They provide extensive knowledge to the students and help them to speed up their memorization journeys. Quran schools have a seamless method of choosing certified teachers, providing multiple options, like female Quran tutors, etc. Taking classes from the online hifz tutor is a sound option as it facilitates the students according to their demands.

Distraction-free Classes

The students often prefer an online Quran class for its distraction-free trait. Given that there is only a single student and a tutor, there is a limited disturbance. The students must ensure that they sit in a quiet place and have a stable Internet connection. When you memorize Quran online, you have to focus on the Tajweed of the tutor and read your lessons aloud. This becomes difficult when there is noise in the background. Some reputable online hifz academies clearly state in their policies that the students should stay in a quiet and distraction-free place. Moreover, they have strict policies for online hifz tutors too. They tend to take substantial notice of those tutors who don’t stay in quiet rooms and have chaos in their backgrounds.


Eliminates Stress

The Holy Quran is a source of healing for all its readers. Those students who are inspired to memorize the Quran by heart and plan to memorize Quran online will find a significant change in their lives. During those few hours of the virtual classes, they will find themselves cut from the world and deeply connected to their Lord (SWT). This proximity with the Rabb brings immense pleasure to their hearts, and they feel peace of mind. The hearts are detached from the world and don’t care about it. Stress is one of the most cumbersome problems faced by most people worldwide. The recitation of the Quran sinks in our hearts. It is one of the best tools to fight against stress or depression. The reader’s mind becomes sharp when reading the Quran, and they can function better in other segments of their lives. Those who opt for online Quran memorization must devote plenty of time to learning the verses. And there is no better activity for a Muslim than being occupied in the repeated narration of the Quran.

Easy to Switch the Teacher

Sometimes, the online hifz tutor may not be suitable for the student. They desire another tutor and can easily get one by sending an application to the online hifz academy. Online institutions with various teachers readily fulfill the students’ demands. On the other hand, finding another on-site teacher is difficult as most expert teachers may be far away. So, you can easily ask for a replacement tutor to provide online hifz classes and maintain a smooth journey of learning the Quran by heart.

Parting Notes

Quran is the source of light and guidance in our lives. It has proven to be a Book that will pull us out of all miseries and troubles. Those who memorize the Quran by heart will attain a special position in the Hereafter. Therefore, the students of knowledge and those who aspire to reconnect with their Rabb must begin this Holy journey. Signing up at a well-reputed online hifz academy will help them to achieve their milestones and provide accessibility to the most qualified online Hifz tutor. If you are willing to make it happen for yourself or your child, seek assistance from Allah (SWT) and search for the best online Quran programs. You will definitely find an authentic tutor who helps you or your kid to achieve the stature of a Haafiz!

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