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Expert Wedding Styling Tips Based On Your Wedding Theme

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Consider the finer points of your wedding day now that you’ve selected your location and secured your ideal team of vendors. We at bubsie Celebrations invited a few of our incredible vendors to give their best wedding styling advice in order to help you become inspired.

It takes a lot of work to style a wedding. Every aspect will affect the overall appearance and feel of your big day, so it requires a lot of ingenuity and an acute eye for detail. Despite their seeming insignificance, little details like the color of your plates, the feel of your napkins, and the design of your seats all contribute to the aesthetic of your ideal wedding.

Whether you’re planning a simple, modern wedding with white flowers or a laid-back country party with rustic tablescapes, it may be challenging to make sure that all of the components of your wedding complement one another. To make this process feel a little less overwhelming, we enlisted the help of some of our best wedding decorators, who provided some useful fashion advice based on well-liked wedding decorations.

Boho Wedding Styling 

From the bursting flower arrangements and bursts of pampas grass to the organic linens and woven furnishings, we adore the look and feel of boho weddings. This well-liked wedding theme has a laid-back, casual attitude, so you may opt to keep things simple with some DIY personalized boho décor or go all out with elaborate floral arrangements and custom stationery.

With its mix of colors and textures, loose, free-flowing natural hair, and a straightforward yet romantic sharing platter, this small, bohemian seashore elopement exudes elegance and embodies the couple’s free-spirited character.

Modern Wedding Styling

“Modern for me is all about simplicity, a little element to deliver a tremendous effect.” To achieve simplicity, keep in mind that less is more. Choose one or two colors for your wedding as the main theme or palette, then experiment with other hues or tones.

When it comes to floral styling, think about using large-petalled flowers and staying with the color of your wedding. “Leave the other tasks to your florist,” Wendy advises. Use greenery and sparse floral arrangements in sections for a modern and basic effect. This will assist in creating a lovely modern design while conserving your budget. “

The correct location is essential to pulling off a stunningly straightforward yet elegant modern wedding. Natural light plays the biggest role. The style and feel of your wedding will be greatly influenced by the architecture and interior design of your location.

For instance, choose a location with a well-lit interior and a door or window frame with rippling glass in a narrow, black arch that easily provides forms, lines, and textures for your modern wedding’s casual design.

Rustic Wedding Styling 

Some of the most magnificent rural locations for actual weddings have included rustic barns, picture-perfect farms, and expansive homesteads. If you’re organizing a destination wedding far from the city, this traditional wedding theme is ideal. The countryside setting will appeal to your guests, and it pairs beautifully with rustic wedding decor components like natural textures and local flowers.

If you and your partner enjoy doing things yourself, you’ll enjoy embracing the flexibility that a rustic wedding theme offers. Consider a table setting with homemade centerpieces, mismatched glasses and crockery, generous grazing tables, and mason jars filled with delicate blooms. The important thing to keep in mind is that rustic weddings should be carefree, charming, and unforced.

Outdoor Wedding Styling

Outdoor weddings provide countless style and design options, allowing you tonnes of leeway to build the ideal day if you’re bold enough to rely on Mother Nature. Outdoor wedding receptions allow for greater creativity, require less decor, and let you be more spontaneous, in addition to being outdoors in gorgeous surroundings.

Outdoor wedding logistics are really essential, but so are the artistic components.” Use the available space wisely and the natural surroundings to create zones to provide your visitors with the best possible experience.”

You can find a ton of outdoor wedding ideas online; all you have to do is pick your favorites and see if there are any buildings or restrooms nearby. “These important foundational components are the first items you reserve, guaranteeing compatibility and freedom to let your imagination run wild and unlimited chances in creating the ideal ambiance for your wedding day.”


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