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The Key Difference Between Electric Valve and Solenoid Valve

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It is difficult for people to distinguish between solenoid valves and electric valves in the valve world. As a result, it causes some difficulties during the selection or application process. Following are passages that analyze the differences between the two valves to help people understand them better.

To understand their differences, people must first understand their definitions. An electric valve is a device that is controlled by an electric actuator. On the upper part, there is an electric actuator, and on the lower part, there is a valve. A solenoid valve is a mechanical device that controls the flow of fluids such as oil, water, air, and other gases through the movement of a magnetic plunger. The valve consists of two basic parts: a solenoid and plunger assembly, along with an opening where a disc or plug is position to regulate the flow.

Based on the above definitions, there is one obvious difference between the two valves. It refers to how the valve is open or close. The electric motor generally opens or closes the electric valve. To turn on or off the valve, people need an analogy of time. The opening and closing of this valve can also control. The door can completely open, completely close, or partially open or close. By using a magnetic plug, the solenoid valve can open or close. By powering the coil, the plug is drawn into the solenoid. When a current is apply to the solenoid, the valve operates. When the current ceases, the valve automatically returns to its original position. During the opening or closing process, the valve can only turn on or off.

Their working nature is the next difference. Since the electric one is control by an electric motor, it can withstand voltage surges better than a solenoid one. As the solenoid valve opens or closes rapidly, it is often use for places with low flow rate and pressure but high intensity. Additionally, a solenoid valve can be restored after an electric failure, whereas an electric valve cannot. It must install the device for restoring function if it wishes to restore function.

Their application is the third difference between them. Due to their different working principles and conditions, their applications are of course different. The electric one is often use as a switch or regulator, such as at the end of a fan coil. For places with special requirements, such as fluid mediums, a solenoid is often use.

solenoid valve
solenoid valve

What are the advantages of solenoid valves?

The solenoid valve has been constantly improving and developing over the years, resulting in a valve that is safe, reliable, and efficient. Solenoids are incredibly versatile, especially in automated systems where the operation needs to complete remotely, such as those with toxic fluids. Due to their fast opening and closing times, solenoid valves are ideal for many applications requiring speed. Here are some of the key advantages of solenoid valves:

  • Capable of operating in extreme temperatures
  • Safety external leakage block
  • Operates both vertically and horizontally
  • Due to their versatility, solenoid valve applications are extremely diverse.
  • Low energy use
  • Remotely operated
  • Cost-effective to maintain and service
  • Compatible with AC and DC voltages
  • Extremely fast open and shut times

What are the disadvantages of solenoid valves?

Due to their sensitivity to voltage fluctuations, solenoid valves have some obvious limitations; if the voltage feed is not constant and at the right rate, magnetic fields will be affected, and therefore the valve will not function properly. Incorrect voltage can also cause additional wear to the coil, causing it to deteriorate faster and need replacement. Solenoid valves have the following disadvantages:

  • During its lifetime, the coil may need to replace
  • The control signal must remain during the operation
  • Sensitivity to voltage fluctuations or changes
  • If the magnetic field is not properly set up, the valve may partially close unintentionally
  • Flow effects on valve fluid.

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