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Do Adult Magazine Boost Sex Life?

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Ever since men and women discovered that sex is much more than just reproduction and that they can have a great time, there are many dwarves who have been busy documenting various aspects of sexuality in private. This was given a further impetus when it was discovered that sex could take place in positions other than the traditional ones, and that the earth would not stop turning if one were to establish themselves in the position of an inverted plough. This brings us to the Kamasutra, one of the oldest sex manuals in the world.

Scholar Malnaga Vatsyayana (300 BCE to 400 CE. This is only the second chapter dealing with relationships and sexual positions. Repressive ideas about sex in the West are described in the Kamasutra, Ananga Ranga (11th century CE), Sheikh Umar bin Muhammad Al-Nafjawi’s The Fragrant Gardens, Secret of the Cabinet, was derived from freely available translations of the Han Khan and other Adult Magazine such as The Tales of Genji.

But if you think that books teach you how to bring a woman to climax, you are tragically mistaken. They free men and women to accept that sex is an enjoyable part of life.

One in five men do not know what sex is, and what I learned from my book is that they, a man and a woman, touch each other, stumble and then stumble, and soon the crane brings the child home. Or a man takes off like an invisible rocket when he approaches a local concubine. it’s not that easy.

Generations of men around the world have been told that they have to be able to perform, and the pressure increases when a man gets married. Most men pass the test, but there are relatively many who do not. This is where books come in handy as they help a man and a woman build trust in each other.

For example, the softer side of sex and intercourse can actually be evoked through Ovid’s love songs, Sappho’s poems and lyrics. There are many very old Sanskrit poems about love, such as from Bilhana: Still; / Pleasant closeness of tough love; / The glory of his form over the patient; / Memory flutters in me; and her dazzling dress; / As was the yellow flame, whose hand was white; / Shamelessly gathers in its growing throng; The immense grace of his departed feet.

They are sex books, like heavy pornography with brutal sex, but erotic poems that excite the senses in an unusual way, thus paving the way for a better and more satisfying sex life.

Currently, the top ten sex books for men on Amazon are divided into two themes. 80% of the books are devoted to issues related to men’s sexual health and performance issues, while the remaining 20% ​​are about sexual violence and its consequences.

Of the eight books that focus on male sexual health, six specifically focus on improving potency, including William Livingston’s Secret Sex Stimulants: Sex Stimulants for Impotence, Increasing Libido, and Increasing Sexual Desire. Many aphrodisiac pills and tonics have been discovered to increase libido. . Improving Erections and Male Performance: LB Johnson’s Guide to Optimal Sexual Health for Men discusses the nutritional factors needed to achieve a healthy and satisfying sex life, including several herbs from the Amazon rainforest.

However, two others – Drugs that Interfere with Male Sexual Health (Walter Krauss) and Male Sexual Health (Richard F. Spark) – actively engage with these preparations and dosages, citing the risks and dangers of using and using these chemicals.

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