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Strep Throat Testing: What is It and How It Works?

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Are you experiencing sore throat for a few days or weeks and probably not knowing the cause? It might be due to a strep throat infection that can cause soreness, itchiness, and pain in the throat. This infection can usually be transmitted directly from person to person. If you have come into contact with a person who has strep throat, you are more likely to suffer from it. It is triggered by the microbes known as group A Streptococcus. It can affect your respiratory health and can make you sick. You can get strep throat testing near me to know if you have strep throat.

How does strep throat work?

It is a physical exam that can identify your symptoms and is performed by a doctor. It is often performed with a cotton swab and comes in two types such as rapid test and throat culture. A rapid test works to collect the sample from the throat to check if it is group A strep. Antibiotics are used for diagnosis if the test is positive.

However, if the test is negative but the doctor is suspected of strep throat, a culture test is performed. Well, a throat culture might take some time to disclose the results than a rapid test. But it can provide reliable results that rapid tests may have missed. A strep throat culture test is important to perform, mostly in kids and young teens. They can often get high fever due to this infection, so it cannot be neglected. Adults usually do not need a throat culture as they are less likely to develop a fever due to strep infection.

How can you get a strep throat infection?

People who are already suffering from strep infection can spread this bacteria too. The bacteria can spread to others when they cough, sneezes, or talk. The small droplets of bacteria can transfer to others, making you sick. It takes 2 to 5 days for individuals to develop symptoms of strep throat after being infected. However, strep throat testing can screen for the symptoms and helps in the treatment. You can become ill with strep infection if:

  • You breathe in the respiratory droplets containing bacteria
  • Touch a surface that has bacterial droplets, and then touch your mouth
  • Drinking and eating from the same utensils used by a strep-infected person

How can strep throat be treated?

It is needless to say that a rapid test for strep throat can help you in treating the infection. A culture test is performed for accurate diagnosis when the rapid test cannot reveal results. However, this testing can play a pivotal role in treating strep throat infections. The doctor will prescribe antibiotics to treat the bacterial infection. Well, antibiotic treatment is helpful in treating this medical condition. But it is vital to know that the treatment must be started once the problem is detected. Generally, amoxicillin is prescribed for treating this infection by the doctor. Having antibiotics treatment for strep throat will help you to:

  • Feel well in a few days
  • Prevents the spreading of bacteria to others
  • Prevents severe complications like rheumatic fever

Protect yourself and others with strep testing

If you have a sore throat, then it is not good to avoid this problem. You must go for strep throat testing near me by visiting the urgent care clinic. It enables you to control the unintentional spread of infection to others. The doctor can thoroughly examine you by using a swab test and can provide the right diagnosis. Hence, you can get viable treatment to reduce the symptoms. Moreover, you should maintain good hygiene to prevent infection. The best way to keep group A bacterial infection is to wash your hands regularly. This is especially important after sneezing, and coughing can cause the spread of infection. Regardless of this, you should also reminisce:

  • To cover your mouth while talking, coughing, and sneezing
  • Put the waste tissue in the waste bin
  • Cough on your upper elbow if you do not have the tissue to cover your face
  • Wash your hands with soap or hand wash for at least 20 seconds or use sanitizer
  • You can use alcohol-based gel to rub on your hands thoroughly
  • Try to avoid touching hard surfaces at home and outdoors

To sum up

Getting strep throat testing near me is the first step toward successful strep throat treatment. It is a safe, quick, and affordable test available at urgent care clinics. You must visit our urgent care to attain the service. An expert will make an evaluation of your throat and prescribe antibiotics for treatment. So you can get it done without any inconvenience.

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