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Facebook Suspended My Account How to Recover?

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If you are here reading this blog to know how you can go for suspended Facebook account recovery then let us tell you that you have landed at the right place for that as in this blog we are going to guide our users on how they can get back their Facebook account which has been suspended by Facebook. 

After you try login into your account and you find out that your account has been suspended might be pretty much annoying for you. But let us tell you that there might be some reason because of why your account has been suspended. So, before we move to the ways to get your account back, let us proceed ahead for the reason Facebook suspended my account.

Why Does your Facebook Account get Suspended?

  • If the account has been reported by other users on Facebook then the account will get suspended. 
  • If the users are doing business promotions using a personal account then also their account could get suspended. 
  • If the users are using false information then also they will not be able to use their account. 
  • If the users are posting inappropriate content on their account which is against the rules and regulations of Facebook then also their account will get suspended. 

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Ways to get back a suspended Facebook account 

Admittance to a suspended Facebook account might be enabled after hours or days.. This is after the user has gone through a bunch of security steps prior to acquiring full access to the account.

1. Identifying friends on Facebook 

Facebook will conduct a test for the users in which they will be shown pictures of some of their friends and if the users are able to identify them then they will be able to recover their suspended Facebook account but if the users are not able to do so then they will not be able to get their account back.

2. Verifying name and date of birth

The suspended accounts on Facebook might be asked to upload an image of any of the identity card of the users which has been issued by the government so that their identity could be confirmed. Once, the verification is done the users will be able to use their Facebook account again without any issues and will be free from suspension.

3. Answer the security questions 

For security reasons the users will be asked to answer the security questions which they have created for their account while they were creating their account on Facebook. When the users will answer all the security questions properly Facebook might handover them their account again and they will be able to get their Facebook account suspended.

4. Asking a trusted account for help

If the users are not able to answer the security questions then also they do not need to worry if this is the case then they can ask any of their trusted contacts for help. The trusted contact needs to verify the identity of the users and their account on Facebook so that Facebook can trust the users and can give them their account back. 

All of this is done with the use of a code that has been sent to the trusted account.

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