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Ranking of the Greatest Anime Heroes with the Most Power

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In anime, ninjas, mutations, evil spirits, cyborgs, and aliens engage in combat using powerful blasts that can flatten mountains and swords that can cut through steel. Because the personalities and abilities in anime are so diverse, it can be challenging to determine who is all-time strongest.

Even while some characters may stand out clearly, judging a character’s abilities is always subjective. It might be challenging to compare fictional universes because they all operate according to various sets of laws. Many of them differ from manga and if you are interested in comparing you can read manga from mangaowl. However, some characters start to dominate anime because of typical genre clichés and plot points. These characters are the strongest ever anime characters, not only the toughest in their own programs. So in this article, we are trying Ranking of the Greatest Anime Characters with the Most Power.

  • GOKU

The strongest anime character and the greatest hero is Goku. The majority of the characters in the Dragon Ball anime series have the ability to wipe out entire universes, as has been stated from the beginning.

Goku’s strength was so great after Dragon Ball Super that it was almost unbelievable. He has time and time again defeated the evil plans of vengeful androids, lethal djinns, and alien masters.. His Ka-me-ha-me-ha, which has brought countless foes to their knees, is possibly anime’s most recognizable signature move.


The protagonist of the One Punch Man series is Saitama. In a world full of superheroes and superpowers, Saitama stands head and shoulders above the rest.. He is so strong, in fact, that he constantly struggles with the existential problem of being too powerful to recognize oneself as a hero is a problem.

Saitama typically has no need to exert much effort to defeat his opponents. 

He only made one important attack during the lengthy battle with Lord Boros. Saitama’s strong punch stops a Boros attack that has the potential to destroy a planet.


The epitome of an underdog is Naruto. For a very long time, he was despised by everybody around him for his irresponsibility and adult behavior.

By the end of the series, he may end up being the strongest anime character overall and the best character in the entire Naruto franchise. If you want to watch the series you can view it on Animixplay and Netflix. 

By the end of the anime, Naruto has mastered the ability to switch into Kurama mode, which surrounds his body in yellow chakra and significantly increases all of his skills. When he employs this form along with Sage Mode and the Sage Chakra from the Six Path, he is equal to Madara Uchiha, another incredibly strong anime character.


The personification of brute power is Toriko, from the anime series of the same name. A single blow has the capacity to topple a mountain, and his fist-clenching motion produces a powerful wind blast. Fork and Knife are the names of two of Toriko’s primary attacks, which is appropriate for a series that focuses on food.


In Bleach, Ichigo Kurosaki, a Soul Reaper, is in charge of ensuring the safety of souls as they journey between this world and the afterlife.

Ichigo possesses a Zanpakuto named Zangetsu that is exceedingly strong. Zangetsu increases Ichigo’s strength and speed to superhuman levels when it is released in its full form.

 Ichigo possesses more spirit energy than many of the Soul Society commanders, despite the fact that he is a novice Soul Reaper. Ichigo is a contender for the strongest anime character ever because of his capacity to repel otherworldly adversaries in defense of human spirits.

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