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best resort in mount abu

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Mount Abu is popularly known as a Hill Station of Rajasthan. It is a young hill station with a stunning natural beauty.

A holiday is never complete until you have witnessed the beauty of Mount Abu, a popular hill station in Rajasthan , India. Not only is the hill station a natural beauty, it is also home to lush green valleys, a broad range of caves and a lot of ancient temples.

The blog topic is on how to spend that one day trip in mount abu. I Have written about how to reach mount abu.

Finding your ideal holiday location is sometimes quite challenging. But when it comes to travelling to Africa’s hottest tourist destination, the choice really has never been so clear. There are lots of options available but the most popular ones are located in exotic places like Italy, Mauritius or Jamaica. However, we have chosen to choose Bhagwati because it’s an amazing place to stay if you want to appreciate the landscape, wildlife safaris and the warm hospitality.bhagwati resort one of the best resort in mount abu. Here is why!

The beauty of this mountain range is breathtaking! The mountains here are so huge that they make up for more than half of the country’s land area. It is home to some of the highest peaks in the whole of Africa and provides many incredible panoramic views. With its gorgeous landscape, lush green vegetation, dramatic landscape, impressive waterfalls, stunning lakes, several beaches and historical sites, Bhagwati is sure to please everyone from the adventurous traveller looking for adventure or the relaxing hiker in search of calmness. For those who love their quiet holiday, there are plenty of other beautiful hotels such as the Royal Nairobi Hotel which is also just a few kilometres from the beautiful nature that our lovely resort is famous for. So what are you waiting for? Go on your next escape with us and enjoy the comforts of Himalayan living while staying at beautiful Bhagwati.

Bhagwati is a very well preserved town, which means that you can still find traces of the past when you visit its charming old churches, temples, shops, markets and restaurants. It is a must to spend time in these heritage buildings as you discover stories such as ‘Rajgir Jodha’, ‘Mughal Qila’ and more!

We also know how important food is to Indian culture and this includes Bhagwati, which makes use of local ingredients and uses vegetables, fruits, grains and dairy products. So what are you waiting for? Book an exquisite room with beautiful views of the surrounding landscape and taste the Bhagwati cuisine and leave behind any doubts about whether you want to travel to Bhagwati for a winter break or summer holiday.

There are so many adventures that tourists undertake during their summer holidays, but nothing compares to visiting one of India‘s finest resorts. From enjoying mesmerizing landscapes like the Rajagiri Hills to reliving fond memories, the Paharga Falls to exploring historic cities like Delhi and Kolkata and having a glimpse at the Ramayana Temple and even going kites flying around (yes there really is something for every age group)! And for those looking for the ultimate adrenaline rush, let us warn you: Bhagwati will take you to heights of adrenalin with its thrilling riverine rides as well as unique ziplines and aerial tours. We can’t wait to show you all these wonders!


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