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Take a Look on Functions of Industrial Valves

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Types of valves

There are many types of valves, such as gate valves, globe valves, ball valves, etc., that control flow and pressure within a system or process. Among other things, they are essential components of piping systems that convey liquids, gases, and vapors.

Several types of valves exist, each with its features and functional capabilities, such as gate, globe, plug, ball, butterfly, check, diaphragm, pinch, control valves, etc.

The following are the functions of valves;

  • Controls the direction of flow
  • Process pressure or regulating a flow
  • Relive a pipe system
  • Starting and stopping the flow
  • Increase or reduce the flow

Types of valves:

As shown below, there are many types of valves;

  1. Gate Valve
  2. Globe Valve
  3. Check Valve
  4. Plug Valve
  5. Ball Valve
  6. Butterfly Valve
  7. Needle Valves
  8. Pinch Valve

1. Gate valve:

They are the most common types of valves, and they are linear motion valves use to start or stop fluid flow. They can either be fully close or fully open.

There are gate valves use in almost every fluid service, such as air, fuel gas, feedwater, steam, oil, and hydrocarbons.

In wastewater plants, food processing facilities, and process plants, these valves are also used.

2. Globe valve:

A globe valve is used for stopping, starting, and regulating fluid flow, as well as for leak tightness and flow control.

The globe valve provides a better shut-off than a gate valve and is more expensive. These types of valves can seal against fluid flow depending on the installation requirements.

3. Check valve:

Check valves prevent backflow in piping systems and allow fluid only to flow through them in one direction. These types of valves are also suitable for high-pressure applications.

Lift-type check valves use a ball or piston and are often backed by a spring, and open under a specified pressure, but display backflow as the pressure decreases.

As multiple gases are mixe into one gas stream, check valves are also use to prevent mixing between the gases in the original source.

4. Plug valve:

Quarter-turn rotary motion valves use cylindrical or tapered plugs to start or stop the flow and the disk has a passage to pass the flow.

For on-off stop valves, plug valves are also efficient in providing bubble-tight shutoffs and can be used in high-pressure and temperature applications.

Chemical process industries, processing plants, and wastewater treatment facilities use these types of valves for shut-offs and control valves.

5. Ball Valve:

To start or stop the flow, these valves utilize a ball-shaped disk, with a quarter-turn rotary motion. Most ball valves are quick-acting valves, which require a 90° turn of the handle.

In addition to being smaller and lighter than gate valves, ball valves are use to control flow and pressure, and shut off corrosive fluids, slurries, normal liquids, and gases.

6. Butterfly Valve:

As a quarter-turn rotary motion valve, these specifications include the port connection, the valve size, and the materials use in the valve body, seat, seal, stem packing, and disc.

Butterfly valves are also suitable for large valve applications due to their compact, lightweight design that requires less space. The valve is use for stopping, regulating, and starting the flow.

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7. Needle Valves:

Similar to globe valves, needle valves have sharp needle-like disks and are designed to control flow in small diameter pipes with very high precision.

In vacuum and metering systems where precise flow regulation is required, needle valves are use.

8. Pinch Valve:

Known also as clamp valves, pinch valves are linear motion valves use to start, regulate, and stop fluid flow. Using a rubber tube and a pinch mechanism, the fluid pinch valve can be controlled.

These valves are ideal for handling slurries, liquids with large amounts of suspended solids, and pneumatic systems that convey solid material.

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