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Top Things to Do in Madhya Pradesh

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Madhya Pradesh is popularly known as the Heart of India and is famous for breathtaking topography, majestic forts, and exhilarating caves, wildlife, and temples. Perhaps, this is the reason why tourists get attracted throughout the year and the huge list of various tourist places contributes much more to the influx of tourists. There are many things to do in Madhya Pradesh that enhance tourists’ instincts, especially a hot balloon safari. With rich wildlife, enormous temples, famous cities, and beautiful landscapes, the place is every tourist’s holiday destination. If you are planning for a holiday in this beautiful place, this list of things to do would help you efficiently.

Heritage tour towards Orchha

The new tourist attraction point in Madhya Pradesh is a better place to learn about the rich history of the place. Admired with various temples and forts, the place is the best place for the most famous Bundela art. Till now, the place retains the royal look in the future and this is the place that could take you to another world. 

River rafting

While you are in Madhya Pradesh, you should try one thing – river rafting and experience the most delightful adventure. River rafting could be a better option than one could think of in a heritage place. Moreover, you could view river rafting through adventure hot air balloon rides and could experience river rafting via the sky.

Hot air ballooning

Hot air ballooning activity is the most unique experience that doesn’t need any type of special skill or requirement. Every member of the family could enjoy the most spectacular hot air ballooning in Madhya Pradesh. Performed in a wide and clear sky over various places and that too convenient height from where you could view various types of flora and fauna over a national park. 

Jungle safari

Going to Madhya Pradesh and not trying a wildlife safari is like going to any specific shop and not trying its items. A trip to Madhya Pradesh and not trying a jungle safari is like missing a chance to witness various types of flora and fauna. A wildlife safari is a must if you are heading with your family, especially via a hot air balloon in Madhya Pradesh. Experience the view of hidden flora and fauna from hot air balloon rides.

Shopping in an old bazaar

The old markets of the place could be the best competitor to every mall in India as the market is stuffed with a huge range of items. Visit the bustling bazaars of the place and recognize the effort of various shopkeepers. These bazaars are the best as the items are within reasonable rates along with good quality. Experience the crowded view of the bazaars via hot air balloon rides and realize the popularity of the place.

Savoring street food

Going to Madhya Pradesh and not trying its street food is not acceptable as the street food of the place is highly delicious. There are a lot more dishes that come from the streets of heritage places and make you overjoyed. Madhya Pradesh’s street food comes to life during the evening time when one could enjoy mouth-watering dishes and drinks such as dry fruits, sweetened milk, jalebi and poha, Chola burger, and many more delicious items. 


With this list of things to perform, one could easily explore the beautiful land either through hot air balloon rides or through road vehicles. Hot air balloon rides become more comfortable if you pick up a sky waltz balloon safari and could make your trip more memorable. So, plan a trip with your friends or family and enjoy the entire vacation.

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