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Popular Social Media Games And Their Reviews In 2022

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In social media, we are used to this word in our life. From entertainment to upgrading with the world’s latest facts, we all use social media platforms. A recent study shows that 100 million people use social media per day worldwide.

If you are someone who also enjoys games, let’s try to play games on social media platforms. There are some interesting games that you can play with your online media friends and communities.

Here we gathered the top five popular social media games with reviews that can select a few of them to play with your Facebook friends. Let’s have fun!

Famous Social Media Games

Social media such as Facebook offers plenty of games. There are simple ways that anyone can access it without downloading the thing. There are different categories of games; we listed down the most played games. 

1. The Puzzle

The concept of puzzles is always popular among people. The puzzle is a classic game. People always love to match some specific object and get points.

However, this game depends on your moves. So make sure that you make calculated moves instead of random moves. The interesting fact is that as you progress, you’ll get a harder stage that will be difficult to win stage.

Do you like hunting games? Very fine, Hunter Call Of The Wild Cheats can give you the real experience of hunting. It is also popular among people who enjoy hunting and wild animals.

2. Liquid Sort Puzzle

The liquid sort puzzle is another entertaining social media game. It would be the best choice to spend your boring time. You will have five test tubes; every test tube has a different color of chemicals.

Your task will be to fill one test tube with one color. You’ll level up when you do this. The easiest game but interesting. The background sound is more interesting than this straightforward game.

You can easily spend thirty minutes with this game. Try it now. Go to your Facebook application, and search for this game. Click on it and enjoy the game.

Do you like to play cards? You can try Google solitaire to play cards on your smartphone. 

4. Merge Towers – TD

People who like tower defense games should try it once. TD is another most played game on Facebook. It is a casual tower defense game similar to Rush Royal. As with other tower games, you should focus on building towers.

As much as you can, you’ll get more points. You’ll get more places to settle down your towers. When you reach thirty stages, you’ll get a little tough to win the game. Although it is a game, it will always provide you with fun.

Do you have more interest in playing other games?  Then try Bitlife Prison Escape. It is one of the most interesting mobile games. People who like smart games should try this game at once. 

5. Angry Birds

A few years ago, angry birds became popular. More or less every person played this game. The concept of an angry birds game has become an angry birds cartoon animation movie.

As you may know that you are the angry bird who saves the bird’s egg from green pigs. There is a slingshot to attack the pig to save the bird’s eggs.

If you like the Angry bird franchise, you should try this game on Facebook once. This game is also available as an application. You can download it from the play store or the App store. 

6. Spriball

One of the most played games on Facebook. People always love to play this game. The game is you’ll be a ball that is rolling down from billings like a feature. Your task is to jump over the obstacles that you’ll face on the path. 

This game has also features for bonus points. You’ll see some gems that are contained with extra points. When you are bored of scrolling down Facebook, this game will kill time.

More Games: Instagram Engaging Game 

1. This Or That

It is the most engaging game on Instagram. It is fun and interactive. This game can increase your followers. Select a topic and engage your followers to reshare it to their Instagram stories with their choice circled. 

2. Truths And A Lie

Most famous Instagram stories game. It will help your followers to know you better. What should you do? Come up with three truths and one chunky lie. Ask your followers to guess which one is a lie!

3. The First Letters Game

One of the trendy and fun games on Instagram. Your followers will love to play this game. Pick one category, then challenge your followers to answer the question with the use of the first letter of their name. So, for example, if the name starts with “F,” you might do ‘fox’ for an animal or ‘FRIENDS’ for a Tv show. 

Bottom Line

These are the games that you’ll play on social media. It’s time to entertain yourself by playing this game and increasing your Instagram followers.

Hopefully, this article has been able to meet your requirements. Let us know which game you’ll be playing first. Finally, you can visit our website to get more interesting articles about games, lifestyle, travel, tech, and more.

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