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How do You Think Windshield Replacement Owasso Works?

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Just hope that you will never come across a situation where you need to get the windshield of your car replaced. But while you are on the road, you come across various situations when the windshield of your car is threatened. Sometimes your car collides with another vehicle while sometimes it comes in contact with other substances like twigs, gravel, pebbles, etc. In all such situations, you need to consider windshield replacement Owasso.

The most common auto repair- Windshield Replacement

When you are driving on the road, you come in contact with a number of common hazards every day. It is not a surprise that one day you will have to get the windshield of your car replaced. Given below are some risk factors that the drivers may experience that can put a crack in the windshield.

  1. When you drive behind construction vehicles- When you are behind large construction vehicles, there is a risk that the material from these vehicles can fall on the surface of your car when you are on the highway driving at posted speed limits.
  2. When you travel on a gravel road- Again when you are driving on a gravel road, loose gravel and rocks can kick up and hit your windshield even when the speed of the car is slow. So, you should try to avoid taking such roads.
  3. Car accident- Unfortunately you can collide with another vehicle on the road. Due to the collision, a large and more drastic crack can occur on the windshield. This gives drivers no choice but to get the glass fixed as soon as possible.
  4. Poor installation or construction of the windshield- Poor materials or poor installation of the windshield can also cause it to crack without any specific reason.

You should always remember that no matter how small the crack is or what is the cause of the crack, you should repair it as soon as possible. Since the windshield is responsible for up to 30% of the vehicle’s structural strength and integrity, even a small crack on the same cannot be ignored. This small chip can turn into a large spider web crack at any time like when you are driving at high speeds or on uneven surfaces.

What to do when you see a crack or chip on the windshield?

The first and the foremost thing that you should do when you experience that your windshield has any size chip or crack is to come in contact with the best windshield replacement Owasso auto garage. The experts inspect your car and help you to determine what is the best possible solution. The glass replacement technician will evaluate the following factors before coming up with a feasible solution-

  1. Size and depth- if the size of the crack is small then a simple repair job will fix it. If it appears that the crack doesn’t appear to have the potential to spread, then a repair is a better option.
  2. Location of the crack- The location of the crack plays an important role in determining if it can be fixed using a repair technique or if the glass needs to be replaced. If the crack is directly in the driver’s viewing area, you will have to replace the glass because a good repair job can also cause discoloration of the glass that can distract the driver.
  3. Type of glass damage- the professional will judge if the issue is a crack, chip, a series of cracks, a complex spider web crack, etc. Based on the type of damage, the technician will come up with a solution.

Other damages in which the technician will suggest windshield replacement are-

  • A chip inside the glass.
  • Multiple complex cracks
  • Deep chips and cracks
  • Crack affecting the driver’s key viewing area
  • Chip along the edge of the glass
  • If the crack is bigger than 18 inches

How does windshield replacement function?

Here are the following steps that are performed during a windshield replacement-

  1. The damaged glass is removed first.
  2. Later the adhesive is applied and the new glass is prepared for installation.
  3. The new windshield is placed in the position.
  4. All the permits and decals need to be replaced too.
  5. Once the glass is in place, the protective tape can be removed.


Next time, when you see a crack in your windshield, don’t panic. You should simply get in touch with the best windshield replacement Owasso auto garage and get your glass inspected. The professional will come up with the best solution depending upon the condition of your glass. In case the crack is small enough, a simple repair job can fix it. But in case of deep and large cracks, the technician will suggest windshield replacement.

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