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General Logistics And Shipping Terms You Should Know About

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A significant transition in the supply chain industry has been brought about by shifting company models and consumer behaviour. The business process has always included a large number of logistics.

The changing situation made it necessary to pay an individual concerned. Therefore it is imperative that you should know about the common logistics and shipping terms. Here, we mentioned all the terms that you no need to search every term on the internet every time. 

General Logistic And Shipping Terms

It is very important to have knowledge of the meaning of the terms and where those terms are used. So keep on reading till the end of the article. 

1. Out For Delivery

Out for delivery most common shipping terms in the e-commerce delivery process. We all are familiar with this term. Though you may ask what the exact meaning of out for delivery is, when the product or parcel is ready for delivery, that is called out for delivery. 

2. POD

POD is full form “proof of delivery.” It is a crucial document for delivery partners and delivery companies. The delivery partner collects a receipt with the recipient’s signature when he or she hands over the order.  

3. In Transit

In transit — the term refers to the product being taken from one place to another. People sometimes are confused between “in terms” and “on transit.” Let us be clear that “in transit” means the product is on its way to moving from one place to another place.

On the other hand, “on transit” means traveling in local transport, for example, trains and buses. On this note, “transit” means “journey.” 

4. BOL

BOL, means Bill of lading, is a document that is given by the carrier. It includes basic info about the shipment. It is a legal document that is issued by the carrier.

This bill is essential in the fact that it mentions many significant contents which prove that all the items are supervised by the transportation company. 

5. Origin Post Is Preparing Shipment

What is the meaning of the origin post preparing shipment? This term is used for packages that are delivered to the US. All the items and packages merge to deliver to one country and list a manifest of each singular package and tracking numbers. 

In this case, the product can easily be tracked with the tracking number. It is generally used in the post office in the US. Suppose the letters or the parcels are getting late for shipping; at that time, “origin post is preparing shipment.”  

6. AWB

AWB— it is a transport document released by a carrier. What is the meaning of AWB? It is the acronym for Air waybill. It includes details about the goods that are being shipped.

When the product is shipped by an international air courier to provide the goods information about the shipment, it allows the products to be tracked.  

7. Tendered To Delivery Service Provider

If you get a notification, for example, tendered to a delivery service provider, it means the product or the parcel is dropped off at your nearest local post office.

Sometimes, the courier company gathers the parcel as per the address at the local post office. Recipients get a notification that the parcel is at the nearest post office. 

8. Item Is Currently In Transit To The Destination

You may get the tracking message “item is currently in transit to the destination,” which means that the product is ready to ship to the delivery location. On the other hand, it also refers to the product being moved to the local post office to be sent to the specific location.  

Bottom Line

These are the shipping and logistic terms that should be important to know of. However, the business and shipping process has been changed. The logistics industry contains lots of terms: we list a few of them.

You can ask by commenting below if you wish to know more terms. In addition, we always update you by giving updated shipping and logistic terms. Finally, You can visit our website to get more information about the business’s shipping, delivery process, and logistics function.

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