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Why Men Should Have a Massage Too and It’s Benefits!

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A male massage therapy will not only, manipulate your muscles it softens your tissues to improve the body functions and with that, you can promote your relaxation cells. For centuries it is believed that massage has the power to kick away your depression and it’ll bring new energy to you. The touch of the expert massage therapist will release hormones within you and it generates a sense of emotional connection.

When you think of massage therapy, it is often categorized as therapy for women. This is false, as both genders can benefit from massage remedy equally. Men can still be masculine while treating themselves to massage remedy and reaping the pros. Everybody requires a massage. But men often don’t get massages as much as they should. Massages are recognized for being one of the oldest methods of healing. People have been practicing them for more than 4,000 years. The reason why they’re still popular today is that they really can improve your current health. Some benefits associated with massage therapy which may appeal to men include!

Here are reasons why men should be getting massages.

Why Should Men Get Massages?

Workout Recovery – Massage is a necessity for men who play physical sports. Massage not only eases the onset of muscle soreness, but can speed healing by boosting the body’s circulatory and immunity mechanism.  A sports massage is specifically made to improve athletic performance. Many men enjoy watching and playing sports. Massages will ease muscle soreness and stop injury, as the massage boosts immunity and circulation. Muscle recovery is really important when regularly playing sports or exercising. Keeping the muscles relaxed and recovered will not only prevent but also reduce injury. Maintaining muscle health will improve overall flexibility and joint flexibility.

Mood Boost – Men are less likely to seek help when they’re feeling blue. While massage is not a replacement for more substantial mood therapies, the serotonin boost provided by massage can lift the blues and improve mental outlook. A massage is a perfect way to naturally increase your mood. While getting a massage the body releases more endorphins, which are made by the central nervous system to reduce pain and stress. Massage feels great! It is a wonderful treat to give your mind, body and spirit a boost in wellness, energy, and relaxation. Massage is an integral part of a healthy self-care regimen that benefits men.

Fewer Headaches – Many different things can result in frequent headaches, including excessive stress and insomnia. Whenever you experience headaches frequently, it becomes harder that you can perform ordinary daily tasks. Headaches can likewise have a negative impact on your professional career. This is why getting regular massages often is a must. A massage therapist knows how to locate and relax your trigger points, thus reducing the chances of being affected by headaches.

Convenience – Men sometimes avoid getting a massage because they don’t want to visit a conventional spa and sip cucumber water while listening to the airy vocalizations of Enya.  However, not all massages are set up equal – a Male Massage occurs at your own home or hotel, in your own space and by yourself time.

Fewer Gray Hairs – Massage can alleviate physical symptoms of stress, like headache and high blood pressure, which can affect men as they age. A Swedish massage is simply perfect for reducing stress. Massage can even cure hangovers!

Cure Desk Stiffness – Men often suffer from back and neck pain, caused by riding a desk all day long or repetitive injury. We all experience fatigue occasionally, and although it shouldn’t be a cause for too much concern, it’s smart to treat this condition quickly. Fatigue can make your daily routine more difficult to handle, and lower your quality of life, which is why it’s a good idea to get a massage as it helps fight fatigue naturally, without stimulants, drugs, or side effects. A massage can ease back and neck pain – plus, it feels great.

Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin – Normal male body reactions are totally fine in a massage. Men avoid massage because they’re afraid they’ll drool, pass gas or get an erection. These are all normal physical reactions, and your certified massage therapist will not be fazed in any way.

Improved Overall Flexibility – Massage increases flexibility. Men are usually less flexible than women, which can make them more prone to injury and muscle pain.

Better Sleep – About 20% of all men suffer from insomnia, an inability to fall asleep or stay asleep. Insomnia is associated with a lack of the hormone called serotonin, the “feel great hormone,” which is released in the body after a massage.  The sense of relaxation and well-being you feel after a massage helps men drift off and spend more time in deep sleep. When getting a massage, the body releases serotonin, one of the most important hormones for good sleep. Massage therapy also decreases the production of cortisol, a stress hormone. Stress is an important factor in obtaining a good night’s sleep, and with massage therapy, you can manage your stress and improve your sleep simultaneously.

Cardiovascular Wellness – Massage is wonderful for heart health. Over 8% coming from all men have coronary heart disease, in line with the CDC. Massage relaxes your body, boosts circulation and lowers degrees of cortisol, the stress hormone. Each one of these things lessens pressure on the heart and improves cardiovascular health. It is found in numerous studies that men are more likely to store up their stress and worries, while women are more likely to will are them. This can lead to sleep disturbances and anxiety surrounding otherwise positive occasions in a man’s life, such as spending quality time with his partner or his family after a long day’s work.

Sounds like stopping by a spa for a quality massage treatment are just what have had a need to ensure a nice evening and a good night’s rest! Massages will be the perfect way to distress. During a massage, your heart rate is lowered, and your muscle tension is relieved. Once you experience stress, it causes the muscles to tighten. Reducing this tension and balancing your hormones is likely to make a large impact on the stress you’re experiencing.  Amazing massage rooms create a relaxing environment the second you walk in. While balancing a busy lifestyle, regular massages are the perfect way to reset.

Manage Back Pain – Men are extremely susceptible to lower back pain. 25% will experience lower back pain in any given three month period. Avoid surgery for back pain – massage is which can loosen tense muscles and ease back pain in men.

Massage is known to benefit pain conditions to improve standard of living without addictive medications or side-effects.

  • Cancer
  • HIV
  • Muscle Tension
  • Chronic Back Pain
  • Myofascial Pain Syndrome
  • Rotator Cuff Syndrome
  • Sciatica
  • Frozen Shoulder
  • Muscle Sprains And Strains
  • Sports Injuries
  • Arthritis & Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Fibromyalgia

Get well, get healthy…go get a massage!

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