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Why mice infestation is considered a menace?

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Most people ignore when they see the tiny creature with big eyes and ears darting across the floor terming it as harmless. A single mouse in a house can multiple into many in real quick time if the evolution is not checked using professional help. Mice are considered as a big menace despite their innocent looks because they are capable of destroying properties, contaminating food materials and spreading deadly diseases like Hantavirus and more.  Their prolonged stay at a house can spell doom due to the above so it is advised that you call a professional outfit like BBPP, the best mice control Vaughan and get rid of them before they thrive.

Why they are a menace?

A household could suffer heavily if mice infestation allowed to take root. Mice by nature are multiple time breeders and will deliver at the rate of 8-10 puppies per litter and they can produce litters at least 6 times in a year. Another factor that contributes to their growth is that the new born mouse will start breeding in about 6 weeks. If you do the mathematics you will come up with astonishing numbers. Increased mice population means more destruction of food stock and more property damage. Mice can take meals several times a day and they function day and night to scavenge food.

Large presence and increased activities by mice will deplete your food stock. And also cause damage to property in the form of gnawed wood work. Torn carpet, chewed wires and insulation and damage to switch panels and drywalls. The incessant biting, nibbling and gnawing activities of mice attributed to their ever growing incisors which cause considerable amount of discomfort for the mice. If they let the incisor grow without checking it will become the reason for their death. This is not a good thing for household because mice will set up on using their incisor on household items in order to blunt their incisors.

Cause deadly diseases

Besides food and material damage mice also bring in terminal diseases in to homes. Many contagious and lethal diseases like Hantavirus, LCMV, salmonella, plague, rat-bite-fever etc caused by mouse. Some of these diseases directly transmitted by human handling infected mouse. And some spread by parasites living the maize of mouse body fur. Ticks, fleas and mites can cause these infections directly or indirectly. And the resultant diseases are hard to contain if not administered with antibiotics at once. These infections usually attack vital organs and body systems that are vital for human life.

How to prevent mice infestation?

Mice infestation must tackled at the outset or they may grow in numbers and transform your household in to a charnel house. Taking precautions like plugging entries that may facilitate mice invasion is an effective move. Keeping your house clean and your floors rid of food crumbs will discourage mice from staying at your home. Disposing of leftover foods in to trash bins and taking garbage out every day will prevent mouse. From seeking asylum in your house. You can use traps and baits to eliminate mouse. But that may not be effective if you are dealing with a colony of mouse.

Call professional service

You should call professional pest control Vaughan such as BBPP, the best mice exterminator in town and for nearby towns. You can contact them on phone number 647 910 6315 or through email to info@bbppcanada.com  and get a free quote.

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