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Automobile And Alloy Wheels

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Steel was a popular metal for making car wheels for the past few decades. Steel wheels are still popular today. Nevertheless, nowadays, many automobile manufacturers utilise a much lighter compound known as an alloy to make the wheels. Such car wheels offer great on-road results. The alloy wheels were first seen in high-speed racing cars, and then they slowly became well-known among daily vehicle drivers. Alloy is much lighter than steel wheels, therefore, they enhance the automobile’s performance greatly. Apart from the lightweight metal, Alloy Wheels UK are also very strong as well as durable. The lower weight of the car wheels promotes better handling as well as control of the car’s steering. If comparing alloy to steel wheels, the first one is much more robust plus offers an on-road performance, which not all wheels can deliver. Furthermore, with such better on-road performance, the alloy wheels’ cost is also higher than the normal steel wheels. Sometimes people, therefore, buy a car that already has stock alloy wheels. However, if someone is currently upgrading from normal steel to alloy car wheels, then they need to carry out research as well as discover a great deal.

 In today’s article, we will be explaining more about alloy wheels, how these wheels perform on roads and how are they in contrast to steel wheels. Also, we will see the best alloy wheel brands you can find in a store near you Tyres Coventry.

 Car makers as well as wheel manufacturers can be pretty mysterious about how the facility makes wheels. However, there is some general information available online about alloy car wheels. Some of the standard compounds present in alloy wheels are aluminium, silicon, nickel, copper, manganese, as well as titanium. When all of these materials mix in a specific consistency, the final form will be a strong as well as a durable material that will be lightweight. Alloy car wheels, also widely known as “mag wheels,” are even amazing to look at plus add an extra layer of aesthetic appeal to a ride. Because of the premium looks along with superior performance, Original Equipment Manufacturers use them on the high-end plus basic models.

 Pros as well as Cons of Buying Alloy Car Wheels

 Alloy wheels have a checklist of advantages along with disadvantages that all car owners need to know before buying. Below, you can have a close look at the major pros plus cons the car owners need to clear when it’s time to buy alloy wheels for the car.


  1. Alloy car wheels are visually stunning as well as make an automobile even more elegant when driving on roads.
  2. If comparing them with steel wheels, alloy car wheels scatter heat from the car’s brakes much better. Also, they prevent quick wear or tear.
  3. The general performance of an automobile is much more reasonable when driving with alloy wheels. Handling, suspension, along with steering feels much better.
  4. Since alloy car wheels are much more lightweight than traditional car steel wheels, the vehicle’s fuel efficiency is much better.
  5. Alloy car wheels are generally the product of aluminium alloys that make them resistant to rust along with corrosion. 
  6. Alloy wheels can dissipate heat from on-road friction much better plus promotes longer tyre tread life.


  1. While alloy car wheels may be much lighter than normal steel wheels, they will be not as robust as steel variants. This is clear when taking hard impacts on the road.
  2. Alloy wheels need a lengthier, as well as more complex creation process and, are much more expensive than normal steel wheels. Sometimes, a set of premium alloy wheels can cost more than 70 to 80 per cent of the price of steel wheels.
  3. Alloy wheels might be exceptionally beautiful to look at, but this makes them prone to burglary. The amount of stolen alloy car wheels have risen invariably over the past few years.

 The key difference between alloy car wheels and steel car wheels

 People trying to buy a set of new cars will still be thinking when getting steel or alloy wheels. Both of them have different levels of investment. But how different are they in comparison to each other?

  1. Alloy car wheels use about 80 per cent aluminium plus a mix of different metals. Steel car wheels use 100 per cent steel material.
  2. The overall weight of an alloy wheel is a lot lesser than that of a steel car wheel.
  3. Steel car wheels are incredibly strong as well as durable, whereas alloy wheels are not as strong as them.
  4. Because of the lightweight properties of alloy wheels, the overall handling, control, along with steering it a lot better.
  5. Steel car wheels are very old looking and will not add any kind of style to the automobile’s appearance. Alloy car wheels are a lot better to view plus increase the outside look of the ride.

Popular Alloy Brands

  1. BBS
  2. OZ Alloys
  3. Borbett
  4. Momo Alloy
  5. HRS
  6. Yongle
  7. KARBONI Alloy Wheels
  8. X2
  9. NEO Alloys
  10. Prestige
  11. Plati
  12. Lenso
  13. Enkei
  14. Freeman

Contact a tyre store today or get in touch with an expert to know which alloy wheels will be the best for your car. 

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