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How Entrepreneurs Generate Money with Gojek Clone?

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The on-demand app solution has solved multiple problems customers face daily. Some customers have no time to shop for groceries, while others need a ride to their office or a bridal makeover at home! The multi-service app Gojek Clone provides the customers with an array of services, solving their problems and helping with chores. 

In the blog, we will explore how this on-demand multi-service app makes money. In short, let’s uncover the secret to becoming a millionaire today! 

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Let’s Make Money with Gojek Clone App 

The biggest benefit of launching the on-demand app solution is that you can start earning from day 1 of the app launch. 

Two profit-centric business models 

The business models make the money-earning process easy. How? By integrating one of the two models, you get to earn a massive amount of profits! 

1. Commission on every service 

Earning a commission on every service is one of the most popular business models. Entrepreneurs make a steady and quick income on an everyday basis. What happens exactly in this business model? 

Customers book a service and pay the amount to the service provider on completion. Now, on every service, the entrepreneur charges a specific commission rate from the service providers rendering their services from the app. The entrepreneur decides the commission rate of every service genre. In short, you can say that the entrepreneur has the full power to decide their income. 

Now, the service providers pay that “Certain percentage” from every service they render via the app to the entrepreneur. With this business model, you can guarantee that every service booked on the Gojek Clone will fetch you a handsome commission! 

2. Membership subscription plans 

Service providers need to choose and purchase one of the many membership subscription plans. They have to purchase the plan to start rendering their services. The subscription plans are mandatory if the service provider wants to use the platform to make money. 

Similar to the commission per service model, the entrepreneurs decide the price and feature of the time-validated subscription plans. The service providers purchase the plans to begin offering their services and renew them before the expiration date of the subscription plan!

These subscription plans are time-validated. Therefore, the service providers can choose them based on their needs, wants, and budget. The options available with the providers are: 

  • Weekly 
  • Monthly 
  • Bi-monthly 
  • Quarterly 
  • Half-yearly subscription
  • Annual subscription 

Extra revenue generation 

Entrepreneurs can generate additional revenue with the app itself. How? The application provides the entrepreneur with extra income sources like: 

1. In-app advertising 

The Gojek Clone app allows entrepreneurs to integrate Google/Facebook their-party ads. For every click on the ad displayed on the app’s home screen, the entrepreneur gets the money. For instance, every click earns them $4! 

Think about the money entrepreneurs could earn daily just by showcasing ads on their app! 

2. Surcharges 

Entrepreneurs earn from the surcharges your app charges from the customers for booking services during the high-demand time. The high-demand times can be odd hours, peak hours, holidays, bad weather conditions, etc. 

3. Cancellation fee 

Customers have to pay a cancellation fee if they cancel a service booked on the Gojek Clone app at the last moment. The cancellation fee goes directly to the entrepreneur’s bank account! 

In Conclusion: 

Summing up, you can earn handsome money by launching a robust and all-in-one service Gojek Clone app. So, take advantage of the time and opportunity right now. Get the clone app script and launch a profitable business with only a fraction of the investment cost. 

Become a millionaire or a billionaire in no time!

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