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Top 5 tools for Machine learning?

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What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning is a kind of artificial intelligence that automates data, enabling computers to perform tasks having learned through the experience without apparent programming. Machine Learning and AI skills are constantly in demand and everyone who wants to become an expert is looking for helpful tools for the processes. In the case of Machine Learning, there are five such tools.

5 Tools for Machine Learning

If you pick the right Machine Learning tool, it makes your work faster and more efficient even in the cases of pipeline machine learning. We shall discuss each of these tools briefly.

1. Google Tensor Flow

Tensor Flow is designed for production and research at Google and also possesses an open source software library for multiple uses, dataflow programming for example. We can fairly put that Tensor flow, after all, is a machine learning framework. This machine learning tool is evolving at a rapid pace despite being new in the market and soon enough it will be prioritize above all. What developers find the most attractive about Tensor Flow is its visualization of neural networks.

Everybody knows how usable Google is and like it or not, it is pretty much the present and the future. The same goes for its machine learning tool and their practicality in the artificial intelligence field.

2. Amazon Machine Learning

Amazon offers great tools for machine learning and in big numbers at that. AWS Website suggests that Amazon Machine Learning is a service managed for generating predictions and building Machine Learning models. Amazon Machine Learning involves a data transformation tool, simplifying it further for the user. Furthermore, Amazon offers more amazing machine learning tool as well such as Amazon Sage Maker. Which is a platform fully managed for data scientists and developers to utilize and apply machine learning models.

Amazon is now rising more than ever, even though it has already risen enough and raised the bars, it is easily approachable in the growing market. What does that mean for Amazon’s machine learning tool? Nothing but a promising future as they really aid the users.

3. OpenNN

Open Neural Networks Library aka OpenNN is a software library used for the implementation of neural networks. OpenNN is written in C++ programming language and hence provides you the opportunity of downloading its whole library for free from Source Forge or GitHub.

4. Microsoft Azure Machine Learning

A cloud services that allows developers to deploy, train, and build AI models, is what Microsoft Azure DevOps Machine Learning is. Microsoft has been improving and updating its Machine Learning tool and has announced changes to Azure Machine Learning recently, bidding a farewell to the Azure Machine Learning Workbench. Microsoft is nothing short of a reliable name and the machine learning tool aren’t any less fulfilling; they are, in all assurance, some of the best machine learning tools you will ever have the pleasure to experience.

5. IBM Watson

IBM’s Watson Machine Learning reminds you of Sherlock Holmes? It should not. Watson Machine Learning is a cloud platform that uses data to put deep learning and machine learning models into production. This tool of machine learning allows users to perform scoring and training, two primary machine learning operations. IBM Watson is mostly best suited for API connections through which machine learning applications are built.

IBM needs no introduction, all of us adults have grown up seeing IBM. Did we ever imagine we will come to talk about IBM’s machine learning tool? Because now we have to as the machine learning tools are some of the key players you will ever find when it comes to learning Machine Learning.

Other Popular Machine Learning Tool

Aside from the top 5 listed above, the scope of machine learning tool doesn’t just end there. In the growing market, we are introduce to more and more rising tools such as Scikit-learn, PyTorch, Weka, KNIME, etc. These tools are useful for any sort of machine learning even

Pipeline machine learning.

The basic supported operating systems for all these tools are about the same: Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. And the features and algorithms of all of these tools include Model Selection, Dimensionality Reduction, Preprocessing, Clustering, Regression, and Classification. And these tools are written in Python, Cython, C, C++, CUDA, and Java, and play vital roles in the machine learning vs deep learning comparison. So, it is good for you to check out these machine learning tools.

Machine Learning Tools and the Future

Even though a lot can be said about machine learning and its future and about its tools as well but we cannot predict its exact capacity as of yet. Machine Learning is very much in demand and therefore its importance remains undeniable. Google and Microsoft Machine Learning tools, in particular, are gaining more and more popularity. And that doesn’t only have to do with the franchise name that sells but because of the exceptional quality these both offer so easily. Even the laziest of full-stack developers cannot help but appreciate these machine learning tools.

Nowadays there is a lot of debate about Machine learning vs Deep Leaning but it doesn’t necessarily have to be a comparison. Each of both has roles to play, however, we can contend to an extent that machine learning tools are more helpful and practical in certain areas.

We really hope our write-up and your read have helped you in learning (more) about the machine learning tools.

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