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What is a Windows Server?

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A Windows Server is a type of computer system that provides network services to other computers. It runs the Windows operating system and has special software installed that allows it to provide these services. Some of the most common services that a Windows Server can provide are file sharing, printer sharing, email, and web hosting.

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Are Windows Server CALs perpetual?

Yes, Windows Server CALs are perpetual. And This means that once you purchase a cal, it is valid for the life of the server.

How Windows Server licensing works?

Each copy of Windows Server must be licensed individually. Depending on the edition of Windows Server that you are running, and the number of users or devices that need to access it, you can choose from a variety of licensing options.

How do Windows Server CALs work?

A Windows Server CAL gives a user or device the right to access any edition of Windows Server of the same or earlier version. For example, with a Windows Server 2016 CAL, a user can access editions of Windows Server 2016, 2012 R2, 2012, and 2008 R2 from the same device. If you have devices that need to access multiple versions of Windows Server, you only need to purchase one CAL per device.

Are Windows Server backups encrypted?

Yes, backups made with Windows Server are encrypted. This ensures that your data is protected in case the backup media is lost or stolen.

What is the difference between Windows Server licensing and client access licensing?

Windows Server licensing refers to the process of purchasing a license for a copy of Windows Server. Client Access Licensing (CAL) refers to the process of purchasing a license that gives a user or device the right to access any edition of Windows Server.

Do I need a separate license for each Windows Server?

Yes, you need a separate license for each copy of the Windows Server that you run. This includes physical servers, virtual machines, and cloud-based servers.

Can I use Windows Server as a normal PC?

No, you cannot use Windows Server as a normal PC. It is designed for server applications and has many features that are not present in client versions of Windows.

What Windows Server do I have?

To find out which edition and version of Windows Server you have, open the Control Panel and click on System. Under the System type section, it will list the edition and version of the Windows Server that you are running.

What is Windows Server support?

Windows Server support is the process of providing assistance and troubleshooting for Windows Server products. This can include anything from answering questions about licensing and installation to providing technical support for server issues. And Microsoft offers paid support options as well as community-based support forums.

Where are Windows Server logs?

The Windows Server logs are located in the Event Viewer, which can be accessed from the Control Panel. Event Viewer contains a log of all events that have occurred on your server, including information about why an event occurred and when it happened. You can use this information to troubleshoot issues or keep track of what is happening on your server.

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