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Top 8 Tips for Night Bass Fishing You Should Know

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Night bass fishing offers an entirely new fishing experience that you will never forget. You can catch a trophy-sized bass at night and escape the throngs of fishermen and boaters who frequent the lake or river during the day.

We have some tips for those who feel this way. These are some tips that will make your fishing trip more enjoyable.


Go to the docks

It’s a good idea for bass fishermen to fish close to docks at night. This is safer than fishing in the middle of the river. It is also a great area to feed bass fish, especially if the docks are illuminated at night.

The lights attract plankton and insects, which attract bait fish. Because of all the baitfish activity, most bass will be attracted to lighted docks.

Look for the rocks

Rocky rivers are great places to find bass at night. Tarpon often spawns near shorelines, which attracts bass. Keep testing new areas as bass are likely to move on quickly. Bass may be found on deep water cliff walls or in shallow water, but they could also be found around rocks and water bodies.


Pay attention to the weather

Night fishing is a great way to stay on top of the weather. You’ll be able to fish at night during warm temperatures, such as spring and summer. Storms are another thing to be aware of.


Stay organized

It is important to be organized for safe fishing trips during the day and at night. It’s dark, and visibility is poor, so if you walk around with a boat filled with tackle boxes and fishing gear, you could end up breaking fishing rods, or worse, taking a trip overboard.


Make sure you use the right lures

It is not always clear which lure is best for bass fishing at night. Many anglers agree that it is more effective to use lures that cause a lot of water disturbance. Do you know the best saltwater lures for pier fishing?

Bass cannot see at night so they rely on vibrations through their lateral lines for their prey. Here are some lures that you might want to bring with you.

  • Topwater lures are preferred by many anglers for night fishing. Prop baits and ghost lures create noise and a lot of disturbance on the water surface, which makes them ideal for luring bass. A double buzzer is used by some anglers to create more noise and disturbance.
  • Bass often stay at the bottom of the lake at night. You will need to bait them with bottom baits such as jigs. To cause a lot more water disruption than the other lures, a jig should be heavy and bulky.


Tell someone where you are going

This shouldn’t surprise anyone. If you plan to go night fishing for bass or any other fish, make sure you tell someone. Let them know where you’re going and when you expect to be back.


Fishing with a friend

One of the most important safety tips is to have a friend along on night fishing trips. You do make a mistake, you have someone to help you. It’s much more enjoyable to have someone there with you when it gets cold.


Don’t give up

Even though night fishing can yield trophy-sized bass, you shouldn’t expect to catch many of them. You may catch less bass fishing at night than you would if you were fishing in daylight.

Sometimes, you might have to wait for a while before any sea bass takes your bait. Be patient, even though there may not be many basses around, it is worth the wait for those that do.

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