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Why Managed IT Support Is Better Than In House Support

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If you are looking the manage it support service london then you are right place here i will explain this type of service. According to a MarketsAndMarkets measure, the managed services market will expand from a global value of USD 223 billion in 2020 to USD 329 billion in 2025. This blatantly excessive rise demonstrates the rising acceptance of outsourcing IT by both large and small businesses.

But why are managed IT services being adopted by such a large number of businesses globally? This article will examine some of the many advantages of managed IT services and demonstrate why London businesses frequently select managed services when looking for IT help.

We also go over some of the things to watch out for when hiring managed IT services and provide an alternative that can work for businesses with particular IT needs: combining in-house IT with managed services.


When opposed to internally providing technology, employing managed IT has a number of advantages. Cost is frequently brought up first, but your managed IT partner also offers better expertise, and that expertise can have a significant positive impact on the bottom line. Let’s look at it.

Managed Services Reduce Costs

Due to the obvious financial benefits of adopting managed services, London-based businesses frequently choose managed IT when seeking for IT help. Simply put, managed IT service companies are more effective than internal teams are at their jobs. This results in three significant cost reductions:

  • lower expenses for infrastructure. Now that infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is widely available from managed IT service providers, your business no longer needs to host costly physical equipment on its own premises.
  • Even if you continue to use on-premises equipment, managed IT providers can still help you use it more effectively by performing proactive maintenance that identifies issues before they arise
  • Employment costs. Again, the scale at which managed IT operates merely gives managed IT service providers access to more efficiency. The price per labor hour is consequently lower.
  • In contrast, internal teams frequently need more team members than necessary to cover all the necessary skills. When thinking about IT support, London-based businesses may also discover that external providers often place staff in lower-paying positions.
  • Actual space. Your company can save money in two ways with managed IT. First off, moving physical infrastructure offsite eliminates the need for floor space for equipment storage and operation, as well as for any backup and maintenance tools.
  • Secondly, managed IT results in a reduction in staff. That may mean a significant reduction in headcount for some businesses, which would result in a significant decrease in their expensive physical footprint.

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Bringing More Skills to the Table

It can be costly to engage a sufficient number of IT employees in your business to ensure that every talent is covered, as we mentioned before. Internal teams almost always have skill gaps, which is reality. Here are some benefits of using managed IT to fill that gap:

faster resolution of issues. A third party provider can solve issues more quickly because they are more likely to have encountered them before. A managed IT provider with hundreds of clients can troubleshoot issues more successfully by drawing on previous experience.

Simply put, internal teams may find it difficult to solve issues as quickly as managed services do because they lack the case experience necessary to match their expertise.

broader range of services. Your internal team might not be able to carry out some necessary tasks, which could leave your company lacking in crucial functionality or lagging behind its rivals.

In contrast, a managed services provider will deliver a comprehensive solution, negating the need for sporadic hiring of additional staff. So a managed services partner could serve as your one-stop shop.

Added-value services. Finally, this is possibly one of the main ways that managed services benefit customers. Your technology partner can serve in the capacity of a business consultant, assisting you in managing spending decisions and resource optimization.

Additionally, your managed services partner may assist you in utilizing the most recent technological advancements by even taking on the role of a digital transformation partner.

As we previously discussed, it might be expensive to hire enough IT personnel for your company to guarantee that every skill is covered. It is a fact that internal teams nearly always have talent gaps. Using managed IT to bridge that gap has the following advantages:

faster problem-solving. A third-party provider is more likely to have dealt with problems in the past, so they can resolve them more quickly. A managed IT service provider with hundreds of clients can troubleshoot problems more effectively by using past experience.

Simply put, internal teams might struggle to resolve problems as quickly as managed services do because they lack the relevant case experience.

wider selection of services Your company might lack critical functionality or lag behind its competitors if your internal team is unable to complete some necessary tasks.

A managed services provider, on the other hand, will offer a complete solution, eliminating the need for sporadic hiring of additional staff. So you could use a managed services partner as your one-stop shop

value-added services. Finally, this may be one of the main advantages that managed services offer to clients. Your technology partner can assist you in managing spending decisions and resource optimization by acting as a business consultant.

Furthermore, your managed services partner might even assume the role of a digital transformation partner to help you make use of the most recent technological advancements.

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Sometimes businesses find it impossible to fully outsource their IT. It might be because of a sizable prior investment made in internal teams, special technological needs, or a compliance or regulatory barrier.

Businesses with specific IT needs shouldn’t view the decision between managed and in-house IT as either/or. Instead, why not leverage managed IT in conjunction with your internal team? The advantages of both worlds can be realized through an enhanced arrangement.

However, fully managed IT services continue to be the more cost-effective, expert, and efficient option. For this reason, businesses in London that need IT support turn to managed service providers like HTL to deliver dependable, value-driven technology solutions.

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