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Know the Important Elements to Pass PL-900 Certification Exam

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A certification is proof of excellence in a particular field of expertise. Getting certified means that the individual has invested their time and effort in mastering a subject. When it is under a brand value like Microsoft, the value it holds is huge in the IT sector.

Any certification requires detailed study and perseverance to complete. Especially when under the Microsoft name, a certificate holds great value and importance among employers. Completing a PL 900 certification will put you in high demand as it comes from a pioneer like Microsoft.

PL 900 Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals covers the core concepts and fundamentals of working with Power Platform. This article aims at a well-structured and complete coverage of understanding the requirements of passing the PL 900 exam.

What is the Microsoft PL 900 exam?

This certification evaluates your proficiency in core concepts of illustrating and implementing Power Platform components, the capabilities of Power Automate, and sustaining the business value of Power Virtual Agents. This certification is most suitable for aspirants who are business users, financial consultants, and ones with similar career profiles. Candidates who empower themselves with the power platform certification can excel in such fields.

Exam Overview

  • The PL-900 exam consists of 40-60 questions which include case study, multiple-choice, short answers, etc.
  • The time allotted for the completion of the power apps certification is 60 minutes.
  • A student must score at least 700 out of 1000 to successfully complete the certification.
  • The PL 900 certification costs approximately 7000 INR.

Ways to ace the PL-900 exam

One has to study the materials in a smart and composed way to clear such a certification. This guide is the best way to prepare and amp up for the exam. Covering all important topics is necessary, and a detailed study is required for smooth exam preparation. A Power Platform certification would be an easy achievement if you followed the learning resources in the best way.

Microsoft Learning Platform

Microsoft offers a learning platform for all individuals to know more about the exams that they undertake. This platform helps you assess your knowledge and also test your proficiency in it. It will help you polish your skills and prepare yourself accordingly. In addition, it offers several learning resources that make your preparation easier.

Microsoft Documentation

Microsoft offers a well-categorized documentation source called Microsoft Docs. In addition, the Power Platform’s business value topics and product capabilities are available for the PL 900 Microsoft power platform fundamentals certification. It helps you excel in getting hands-on practice in creating a simple Power App, connecting data services, building a powerful BI dashboard, and automating processes.

Instructor-Led training

Candidates require expertise in improving productivity by using tools of automation of business processes, making business insights, analyzing available data, and creating simple app experiences to ace the exam. Exam-specific training is offered by experts for PL 900 exam aspirants. Completing the instructor-led training paves the fundamental path for Microsoft PL-900 certification. PL-900T00-A is the course that covers all necessary practice sessions for seamless completion of the certification.

Practice Tests

Any course requires ample practice sessions to get you through the examination. Practice sessions and mock tests act as a source for assessing one’s knowledge in the course and also help to comprehend the subject matter better. The Microsoft PL 900 practice tests align you with the exam pattern and cover your concept gaps. In addition, it creates a concrete base for your preparation and helps you memorize better.

Is the PL 900 exam worth it?

A Microsoft Certification continues to be highly valued and important in the industry. Employers look for PL 900 certified individuals who can efficiently demonstrate business and management skills. It makes individuals develop efficient Power platform apps. It validates your skills as an App maker.


One can join the Microsoft community to gain enough experience and practice completing the PL 900 exam. It is the best way to source exam materials and is available free of cost. The exam is sure to give higher career opportunities to all aspiring individuals who are looking for challenging career opportunities in the power platform certification field. So, why wait? Enroll for the PL-900 exam right away and find promising career growths that are rewarding.

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