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Are You the Who Keeps Losing Keys? A Locksmith Cloudesley Road Can Help!

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How many times a week or a day do you have to rush to work in the morning, to find your keys? Perhaps how many times have you contacted your locksmith in Cloudesley Road, either to get a replacement key or to assist you?

The loss of keys can waste your precious time

As we’re getting ready for the day we aren’t taking into account the length of time it takes to locate keys missing mainly since we don’t think we’ll lose them at all in the first. Unfortunately, the loss of your office keys is a problem that many of us face frequently.

There’s something positive to report here as provided by the Locksmith Cloudesley Road. Given the growth that we’ve seen in technology in recent times, there are a variety of ways to address this issue in the short and long term.

Why do you constantly lose your keys?

Before you determine the ideal solution that fits your life, you have to first figure out why you are constantly getting lost keys. The reasons are unique for everyone and each one is treated differently, making this an essential component of the stream solution process.

Your Brain Just Won’t Remember

In the majority of cases, it’s simply a matter of not remembering the place you put them last. This is due to the hippocampus which is the portion of our brain that is responsible for memory and best at retaining information about things that don’t change frequently. Because our keys travel around and with us, it’s more difficult than our brains can keep track of it.

You’re Not Very Organized

For some, it’s more of a mental issue that is the result of an additional issue, for example, being less well-organized. If you’re in this category, it’s likely that you’re not very efficient in controlling time and energy. It leads to inadequate organizational skills.

In any case, losing your keys isn’t a good idea and usually puts the project you set out to complete put on hold. It is no surprise that it can cause a lot of stress and frustration throughout our daily lives.

Don’t worry. There are a few tips to assist you in keeping better track of your keys and keep you from losing them all the time. Let’s look at them!

Set aside a space for them – When you create the right place in your house for keys, it’s difficult to lose keys. Of course, you’ll need to take responsibility for the many times you don’t put them in the right place. Like all habits, it gets easier as you practice it.

Use a Key Finder – It’s true that key finders are highly useful if you regularly forget the location of your keys. When you press one button, you’ll be notified of the location via audio or by an app on your smartphone (GPS).

Keep your home organized – Finding your keys is easier when you don’t have clutter to go through. This is why a well-organized home can be your ideal companion when you try in keeping track of your belongings including keys.

Get Keyless, stay Keyless – In the contemporary world that we live in, keys have become obsolete thanks to the increase in keyless door locks. It’s true when you’ve gone keyless, you will never return!

If you are looking to improve how well organized your home is and find a place for your keys or purchase a key finder or invest in an electronic door lock that is keyless, give us a call at N1 Locksmiths and our Locksmith Cloudesley Road team will assist you with a variety of methods to avoid the everyday game of” Where my keys went at this time?”

At N1 Locksmiths, we recognize the importance technology plays in our daily lives. This is why we offer keyless door locks available to anyone looking to take the next step to increase security!

Contact us today for free estimates on electronic lock installation using a keyless system. Contact us at 020 7129 7496.

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