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Phone tracker software: Clever Way To Deal With Toddlers and Teens

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I am quite a strict mother so I am careful about my kid’s screen time but still, there are times when it goes beyond the limit. It was that kind of day. We were expecting a guest so I was busy more than usual and that was the chance for my kid to have some extra screen time. He was sitting in the long when during my work a listened to a very weird song playing on the mobile.

I asked him about what he was watching and checked it as well turned out it was some girl dancing in a short dress to a viral song. I almost snatched the phone from him and told him to stop watching videos like these as it’s not good. To which he replied that his brother watches these types of videos not only on mobile but on the big screen as well. I was dumbfounded as I had nothing to say to him anymore.

Let’s discuss Phone Tracker Software

I heard myself saying to him that I will deal with the brother as well. But honestly, I was scared. If he has not made any effort to hide watching dancing videos of almost naked girls from the 5-year brother then  I am afraid what is he even watching in his time alone?


Now the next step was to find out how bad the situation is and what can I do to make things right. The answer to the first question was revealed in a few days when he accidentally posted a vulgar video in the family group. Though he deleted it within seconds, unfortunately, I was online so I found out at least about the title. That was the clear sign that some action is needed right away or otherwise things are moving toward lightning speed towards the worst situation. I had listened to phone tracker software from my colleagues and friends but it was about time I test it by myself. So I got the TheOneSpy app and started testing the parental control features. Ladies and gentlemen and results are insane. Though you may have several episodes of anxieties and heartbreaks after watching what your kid is up to with the digital device still it is worth saving their future.

Control The Screen Time:

For toddlers, you have to be careful in everything but especially screen time as it can become their habit. The phone tracker software offers a screen recording feature that let the user know about the screen time of the target with complete and detailed timestamped information.

Manage the Screen Content:

With the web filtering feature, I can control the screen content of the teen gadget. It allows me to block any triggering or sexual stuff easily without any hassle. Make sure your kid does not have access to any sexual websites or porn content.

Have Eyes On Every Web Address:

The track internet browsing history reports all the web activities of the target in detail. You can even access the bookmark folder remotely as well.

Track All the Bad Company:

The TheOneSpy phone tracker software is all about reporting unfiltered truth about the target to the user. You can even check their company and track any bad influence right away. Listen to them when they are alone and watch them through. The gadget’s rear and front camera with the mic bug and camera bug feature respectively.

Monitor the Media Share Through IM chat apps:

The long list of instant messenger chat app monitoring allows. The parents to watch the media shared through the chatting apps. Facebook spy app, WhatsApp spy app, Line spy app, Kik spy app, Viber spy app, and more all give access to the respective social media platform.

Get Familiar With The Codes and Slangs:

The keystroke logging feature is strong in the way that it notifies you about any coding language. Or slang used in the teenager’s chat or digital activities. All the keypad-related activities are recorded by the TheOneSpy phone tracker software.

The TheOneSpy phone tracker software is the best in way that it is not just a phone tracking app. They offer Windows and Mac versions as well so all you can do is check out. The details and you can monitor every gadget owned by your kids.

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