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Lahore Orange Line Train Stationsn Overview

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An efficient transportation system for Lahore residents is the Lahore Orange Line Train. With a length of 27.1 kilometers, it is Pakistan’s first metro train. While the line is elevated for 25.4 kilometers, 1.72 kilometers of it are underground.

Inauguration of Orange Line Train

Inauguration of Orange Line Train

Both the Chinese and Pakistani governments are funding this initiative. This project’s construction began in 2015, and it was finally finished in October 2020 after several difficulties. On October 25, Mr. Usman Buzdar, the chief minister of Punjab, conducted the ceremony.

Buzdar stated that the project is a part of CPEC while addressing at the launching event. He added that this project has been finished via pure labor. He added that Pakistan and China have excellent relations and will continue to expand their collaboration in various areas.

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Some Quick Facts to Know

  • A total of 250,000 people can ride the orange line train every day.
  • There are five bogies on each of the 27 trains, which are in total.
  • Children, women, and senior citizens all have their own seats.
  • For those who are disabled, there are specific seats.
  • People can save their travel time by 1 hour by taking the orange line train.
  • The largest and most attractive station on the Lahore orange line metro train is Anarkali.
  • While the other 24 stations are elevated, Anarkali and Central Station are subterranean.
  • Every bogie has a red button that can be pressed in an emergency to notify the control room.

Fare of Orange Metro Train

The one-way ticket for the Lahore Orange Line Train service is Rs. 40 per passenger, according to a notification released by the Punjab Government’s Transport Department.

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Ticket Purchasing Ways

There are two ways to buy a ticket for the metro’s orange line. One option is to purchase the ticket using the time-honored procedure of going to the counter, standing in line, and then paying. Utilizing an automatic machine is the alternative method.

the computerized ticket machines at train stations along the orange line. Image sourced from skyscrapercity.com

How to use the Ticket Machine

The automatic ticket machine is a remarkable technological advancement that helps passengers save a ton of time. By inserting cash notes, you can buy a ticket or token from this machine. The following guidelines should be followed when operating this automated machine.

  • You can buy the token from this automated device by inserting either cash or your metro train card.
  • The banknotes must be crisp and straight. The machine rejects folded bills of money.
  • To buy or reload your card, only put in the Rs. 10, 20, 50, and 100 notes. The machine rejects notes with values higher than one hundred.
  • Ali Town and Dera Gujran are 45 minutes apart by car. 90 minutes will pass before your token expires. If you don’t finish your trip in 90 minutes, you’ll have to buy a new token to exit the metro station.

Instructions for Orange Line Train Card Holders

  • The ticket office is where passengers who must travel frequently can purchase their metro train card. The card is 130 rupees in price.
  • You can insert your card into the machine and recharge it with the correct amount if you wish to use it again. But keep in mind that the cash notes shouldn’t be worth more than Rs 100.
  • By inserting their orange line card, the customer may purchase up to six tickets or tokens at once.
  • If you’re traveling alone and have a metro train card, you can either buy a token from the machine or simply scan your card and go.

Now, here is the list of stations on the way to the Orange Line Metro Train.

Major roads, cities, and landmarks are traversed along the journey, including Raiwind Road, Multan Road, Lake Road/ Edward Road, McLeod Road, Nicholson Road, GT Road, Johar Town, Allama Iqbal Town, Chauburji, and Lahori Gate. The Walled City of Lahore and other historical sites are traversed by the Orange Train. Take Metro Bus Lahore to the closest stop to get to the aforementioned historical locations. Here is the list of orange train stations.

  1. Ali Town 
  2. Thokar Niaz Baig 
  3. Canal View 
  4. Hanjarwal 
  5. Wahdat Road 
  6. Awan Town  
  7. Sabzazar  
  8. Shahnoor 
  9. Salahuddin Road 
  10. Bund Road 
  11. Samanabad 
  12. Gulshan-e-Ravi 
  13. Chauburji 
  14. Lake Road  
  15. GPO
  16. Lakshmi Chowk
  17. Railway Station
  18. UET (University of Engineering and Technology) 
  19. Baghbanpura 
  20. Shalamar Garden 
  21. Pakistan Mint 
  22. Mahmood Booti  
  23. Salamatpura 
  24. Islam Park 
  25. Dera Gujran
  26. (Back to Stabling Yard)

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