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How to Take Care of Your Bones – 5 Healthy Foods to Eat

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Our bones are the most important part of our body, as they help the body to have a firm structure. Without them, the body is unable to have a proper shape. Now, these do keep the body healthy looking and provide strength but it is also necessary to take care of them. Now, taking care of the bones is not a tiring task. 

It only needs some of the best foods and changes in lifestyle that can help you a lot in taking good care of your bones. A diet that we take plays a huge role in bone health. According to the best orthopedic doctor in Karachi, some food options are highly encouraged to be taken when it comes to bone health, while some of them must be avoided at all costs.

Let’s have a look at all the food options that you can eat to keep your bones healthy. 

1- Eat Greens

We all know that our bones are always in need of calcium. To get that, the easiest way is to eat dairy. But not a lot of people know that It is found in a number of vegetables for you to eat. 

The best choice that you can make here is to consume leafy green vegetables. These include kale, collard greens, turnip greens, and Chinese cabbage. One cup of turnip greens cooked is about 200 milligrams of calcium. With that, dark greens are also quite full of vitamin K which can help a lot in the reduction of risks of osteoporosis. 

Make sure you eat your greens in order to keep your bones healthy and away from all the bone health conditions that can impact your daily life activities.

2- Grapefruit

While you have your breakfast, it is a great idea to add grapefruit to it. By eating it you will be doing a lot more than just waking up your tastebuds. Now, citrus fruits are quite full of vitamin C. Vitamin C plays an essential role in preventing bone loss. 

A grapefruit that is pink or red contains 88 milligrams of vitamin C. This is the best and the ideal amount that is needed in a whole day. If you think grapefruit is too much for you to eat, you can look for an alternative. The best one here is oranges which have 83 milligrams of vitamin C. 

You can also take grapefruit in the form of juice if you don’t like consuming the fruit alone.

3- Figs

If you are looking for some best fruits that can help in making the bones strong then the best one to consume is fig. Make it the top priority in your shopping list. 

If you eat 5 medium size figs, they contain a total of 90 milligrams of calcium. It also has other skeleton-saving nutrients like magnesium and potassium that can be pretty helpful for the body. 

Fresh figs are not very common to be found, however, the dried ones are available year-round. A half cup of dried figs contains 121 milligrams of calcium. 

4- Plant Milk

The normal milk that everyone consumes on a daily basis is by means from animals. But, if you don’t like to consume normal milk, the best way is to go for plant milk. 

If you swap dairy milk with soy milk, almond milk, or coconut milk, there are chances that the amount of calcium reduces but they have extra nutrients that can help your body. 

That’s why it’s important to look at the labels before you buy the product. 

5- Fish

Fish like salmon and other fatty fish are high in boosting nutrients. They are also high in vitamin D which helps a lot in using calcium. They are also high in omega-3 fatty acids that aid in keeping the bones healthy. 

The best way to buy salmon is in canned form. A three-ounce salmon has 187 milligrams of calcium. This is obviously a high amount. This is because small bones are also included in the meat when the canning process is being done.

The best orthopedic doctor in Rawalpindi says to make sure to add salmon and other fatty fish to your diet to get the needed nutrients in order to keep the bones healthy. 


Your bones play a very important role in keeping the body in good shape and they need extra care after a certain age. Try and add the foods mentioned above to your diet and consume them as much as you can. Make sure to add calcium and vitamin D to your diet so that your bones eat the needed food and stay healthy. If you have serious issues with your bones, then the suggestion is to visit a bone doctor near you. 

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