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Forever 31: 31st Birthday Celebration

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Years go by so much faster as you get older, and I’m starting to believe it. It seems like only yesterday that I was throwing a really spectacular ’80s-themed birthday party to celebrate turning 30, but here I was, turning to forever 31 with 31st Birthday ideas !

Since one of my closest friends shares the same birthday as me. And wasn’t able to throw a huge party for her 30th last year. We figured, why not throw a party for her 31st? Austin, Texas, seemed like the perfect place to spend the weekend with our female friends. So we decided to plan a vacation there.

While we were on the road, we were able to decorate . Our Airbnb for the birthday weekend and bring along a few novelty items. Forget Forever 21, we’re going for Forever 31!! This offered us a catchy weekend tagline and a black-and-yellow colour palette reminiscent of the popular clothes retailer.

A journey to Austin, Texas, was planned for the Forever 31 birthday celebration. Guests instead of the usual party venue in New York City. If you’re flying to your location, you can still pack party goods and make a DIY! #birthdaypa, #girlsweekend, #birthday
Even if you’re on the road, you can still have a good time! In the summer of last year, I organised a bachelorette party at a lodge for my friends, but the logistics of flight travel presented a delightful new problem to solve: Tips and a DIY that can fit in your carry-on are included in this post.


Bulky goods should be avoided at all costs while planning a party on the road! Before our trip began, I had taken a few photos of the space we’d have to work with in order to decorate it for the occasion. A large kitchen island and a nice-sized dining table were already there, and I had no doubt they could be made into something special with just a little effort.

Simple table settings add a festive touch to a girl’s birthday weekend!
All of the items you need to create a tablescape are flat and easy to travel. For the table, I brought a black-and-white runner that I’ve used so many times that I’ve lost track of how many times it’s been used.

Pack a few crucial items like a table runner in order to spruce up any Airbnb or vacation rental table.
Also included were some yellow Dollar Tree meal dishes. Paper plates come well-protected and are easy to carry in a suitcase. I went to Sprinkles and Confetti, one of my favourite places to buy, to find some new decorations for our party. I bought some bright yellow and white plates, black and white geometric napkins, and matching paper straws for the party. Paper straws add a playful element and are simple to transport.

For the table setting of a Forever 31 birthday party, we chose yellow solid paper plates and geometric yellow paper plates.
Geometric black paper straws with yellow paper napkins with yellow geometric patterns.

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Party planners who follow me on social media know that I am a huge lover of employing printables. It’s a snap to put them in picture frames you already own to make a quick and easy addition to your decor. Since I didn’t require a full set of graphics for this particular event, I decided to use Canva to make a few items.

A few frames wrapped in cloths to protect the glass can be thrown into your suitcase for rapid decoration!

In addition, I discovered a free luggage tag template on Canva, which I was able to alter to match our brand’s colours and include some information specific to our Austin office. Perfect placecards were created with these. I used a hole punch and some black ribbon to dress them up a bit. To save on packing, I put them together ahead of time rather than wait until I got to Austin to put them together.

A yellow, black, and white luggage tag serves as an excellent placecard for a travel-themed dinner.


Making a large backdrop or hauling glassware was out of the question, so we had to come up with something else! An iron-on project seemed like the perfect use for the Cricut Easy Press that my family gave me for my birthday. I utilised iron-on material and bright yellow koozies I got from Amazon to make “Forever 31” koozies for my friends and family! You can also use a conventional iron if you don’t have an Easy Press.

Make your own Forever 31 koozies with Cricut iron-on transfer paper!
Many folks brought them with them everywhere they went during the course of the weekend since they were a tremendous hit. Austin is a hip city, and we received numerous compliments on our outfits while dining out. As far as I can tell, koozies were all the rage at the time.

To see the entire image, click here. Having a good time in Austin, Texas, with our Forever 31 koozies.

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When you’re bringing something to someone else, they can bring something back for you!

My birthday bestie made the adorable favour bags, but I didn’t get a picture of them, but each visitor arrived to a favour bag on their bed! Festive gifts including face masks and mini beauty products were found in the boxes. Mask-making was great fun, and everything the girls took home was small enough to fit in their luggage.

It was another one of our pals who came up with a charming printable shopping list for our Saturday expedition. It served as a useful guide for the bigger group, pointing out interesting stops along the way.

It’s always more fun to get away as a group! We’ve arrived at our shopping destination! I’m looking forward to the year ahead, and I know it will be fantastic!

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