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Create Your Own Crypto Cashback Reward Platform Similar to StormX: StormX Clone Script

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They are all aware that the cryptocurrency industry is thriving over the world. Make the initial step toward creating a cryptocurrency cashback reward scheme. Instead of incurring the risk of writing it from scratch, a ready-to-use Stormx Clone Script will suffice.

What Exactly Is StormX?

StormX is a cryptocurrency cashback reward network that enables users to earn rewards and cashbacks with every transaction. Enhancing StormX’s capabilities also piques the curiosity of crypto fans. Finally, StormX has garnered significant industry interest and raised more than $30 million.

StormX clone script

StormX Clone Script is a well-known bitcoin cash-back software in the United States that rewards users with cryptos in the form of cash. The “StormX Clone” cash-back software allows users to earn money and purchase bitcoins. A StormX clone script user may get up to 50% of their money back in bitcoin.

Why Use StormX Clone Script to Create a Cashback Platform?

StormX is a cryptocurrency payback incentive platform. A StormX Clone Script may be obtained by an entrepreneur that wants to create a crypto cashback platform. We offer a ready-made StormX Clone Script that will allow you to establish a cryptocurrency cashback reward network with the most up-to-date features and functions.

Here are a few of its features!

  1. Completely Safe
  2. Almost unhackable
  3. Usability

Crypto Cashback Script, such as the StormX clone script, provides the finest options for users to earn rewards when buying with partners or merchants. When consumers buy a device, apparel, or anything else, they will earn a portion of the crypto credit they may take from their wallets.

How Much Does StormX Clone Development Cost?

Some basic ways to understand the StormX Clone Script’s functioning premise.

  1. Like many e-commerce sellers, the app administrator will be linked to several online merchants.
  2. The administrator receives a commission every time a consumer purchases anything from the app/dealer.
  3. The commission is split between the administrator and the user.
  4. Users may withdraw or sort the cryptocurrency stored in their wallets.
  5. The software is available for download through chrome extension and mobile.

Advantages of the StormX Clone App 

Admin Advantages:

  • As an app owner, you may service and earn cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others.
  • You can quickly capture the attention of a buyer.
  • Your app’s reputation can be improved.
  • You may obtain a lot of consumers if you use this crypto cashback MLM scheme.
  • Maximize your investment’s return.
  • You may get a crypto business opportunity from a variety of companies.

Customer/User Advantages:

  • Users may quickly earn cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ether.
  • They can save more money on purchases than ever before. It is an excellent opportunity to earn more cryptos, as they can stake more cryptocurrency in their crypto wallet.
  • There is no need for investment.
  • Users may buy practically anything from a variety of categories.
  • They may earn cryptocurrency even when shopping offline.
  • Users may earn a proportion of bitcoin by referring friends. They can also earn extra cryptocurrency by paying using their credit and debit cards.

What will it be worth in the future?

Today, the blockchain economy is worth more than $100 billion. People all across the globe, as well as certain businesses, are adjusting to the notion of blockchain. As more nations encourage their entrepreneurs, engineers, and consumers to engage in crypto development, investing, and mining now is the moment for you to join the future of the internet economy.

How Much Does StormX Clone Development Cost?

My friend’s price is determined by how fantastic you want your software to be. The building of a crypto cashback platform might be a difficult process. However, since our team is here with the custom script, you won’t have to be concerned about the budget. The following criteria will affect the final cost of development:

  • Addition of plug-ins and add-ons
  • Customization is required.
  • Time for development (full-time/part-time/hourly)
  • Platforms utilized to distribute the app


We Blockchain Development Company offers several advantages and seems to be a mass entrance in the internet commercial arena. It is time to launch your own Crypto Cashback Platform, like StormX Clone, and enter the trillion-dollar satisfied Industry.

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