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The Pros and Cons of Using an AI for Content Generation

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Artificial intelligence (AI) content generators have been around for a while, but their popularity is rising as small and medium-sized firms strive to expand content production and compete with bigger organizations.

These technologies leverage deep machine learning as an OpenAI tool (which firms like Copy AI have embraced), while others, like Jasper AI, are developing proprietary AI software.

However, as AI content generators become increasingly popular among small businesses and marketing teams looking to grow output without adding additional manpower, we must ask: are AI content generators truly the miraculous cure they promise to be or are they a liability to your brand?

The Advantages of Using AI Content Generators

There are instances where AI-written content can improve the user experience. It’s all about how you apply the tools that can make a difference. Combining the skills of human authors and AI, for example, to improve the quality and distinctiveness of content may be viewed as a beneficial use case.

I’ve compiled a useful list for you to better grasp the advantages and downsides of AI content generators for your business. Here are some advantages:

Reduce Plagiarism and Bias

The beautiful thing about machine learning is that it does exactly what it says – it learns and iterates on the data it is provided.

AI content generator systems have been used to create desired styles and outcomes for millions of websites, papers, novels, and more (which is a double-edged sword but can be helpful).

It can also identify plagiarism and grammatical problems in published material that a tired or preoccupied human eye could miss.

Significantly Increases Content Volume

Machines do not experience writer’s block or fatigue, so you may have an unlimited range of recommendations and possibilities with keywords and other copy options based on the demands of your business.

AI writing generators may churn out content rapidly and effectively if you utilize a set template or formula, such as a “blog post introduction generator”

Automation Research

The Associated Press and the Washington Post both employ AI to generate articles. As of 2016, the Washington Post’s Heliograph has been used to create hundreds of pieces, while the Associated Press’s Heliograph had been utilized since 2014. Using AI to collect data and do research from the internet can help to shorten the time it takes to plan an article.

The Drawbacks of Using AI Content Generators

I don’t want to convey the notion that AI content is some sort of “ultimate hack” that will cure all of your issues with no consequences. Consider the following disadvantages before hiring a bot to produce all of your content:

Pathos is lacking.

One of the reasons why writing is so difficult to imitate is because as humans, we connect with emotive language and stories. While AI writing tools can surely employ patterns and compose something that makes logical sense, everybody can see that it lacks that intangible human feel.

Ideas in One Dimension

An AI content generator will never provide you with that “Aha” moment. It’s a useful tool, but robots aren’t currently coming up with ideas for your next social media campaign.

While an AI may provide title suggestions for your blogs based on SEO data and inspire someone looking for ideas to create something spectacular, don’t expect it to “Steve Jobs” your firm (not anytime soon, anyway).

Human Intervention is Still Required

You may encounter problems if your content is not vetted by someone. Using a human writer who understands the nuances of writing material for a given audience is essential (especially if you’re in a specialized niche or business).

The risk of insensitive or poorly-worded content – created based on formulae and patterns without regard for current events – remains a very real possibility.

Consider Your Options When Using AI Content Generators

Many businesses have profited from the use of AI for content production. However, nothing (yet) exists to substitute a skilled copywriter’s talents and emotional intelligence.

Admittedly, I’m prejudiced on this topic, but if the Google algorithm has taught us anything as marketers, it’s that content that prioritizes end users gets rewarded.

So, leaving aside the technical aspects of SEO, focus on creating content that speaks to your target audience(s) and answers their issues – and the rest will follow.

The ideal approach to exploit the software today is to strategically connect a writer with an AI content generator as a tool, but we are not technologically ready to replace authors. And I, for one, am quite content with that.

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