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How to Create a Stylish Bathroom for Your Children?

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Your child’s definition of an attractive and stylish bathroom would pole apart from yours. Take yourself, for example; the colours and designs you used to like as a child would be nowhere near to what you find attractive today. It’s not your little one’s fault if your newly renovated contemporary and minimal-styled bathroom doesn’t match their taste.

If you don’t want your child to shy away from the morning showers or the warm baths before bed, consider providing them with the desired environment. Instead of putting your effort in choosing the sturdy fixtures, pay more attention to the design and outlook of the room as a whole. Secondly, try your best to add convenience to the room to cater best to their needs.

We have summarized the most effective and convenient bathroom styling ideas to create a child-friendly space in the bathroom.

Weigh Your Basin Taps Options

There’s no hard and fast rule when it comes to choosing basin taps for your child’s new bathroom. However, going for a tap with a single handle lever suits kids better than dual lever taps for easier temperature maintenance.

Any slight difference in water temperatures or pressure in both will either leave the water plain cold or heat it enough to cause scalding. Regardless of the taps you install, don’t forget to monitor the water temperature before hoping them in for a bath.

Select the Appropriate Bathtub

Select the Appropriate Bathtub

Even though most bathtubs appear the same at a glance, their base widely differs from each other. Home improvement experts and designers suggest bathtubs with a wider base that provides maximum sitting space for your kids.

Not to mention, keep an eye out for the slopes as well. Ones with slanting slopes have the risk of causing slippage. Shower Bath with a vertical base eliminates the need for an additional matt, making the bath more difficult to clean. For the better safety of your little one, you can look for ones with installed handles.

Prefer a Walk-in Shower

Shower enclosures are a must for children and adults alike. But unlike adults, not all cubicles are child-friendly. Most enclosure designs feature an elevated edge or boundary that risks bumping and slipping. If the room has sufficient space, you should go with walk-in shower enclosures.

The seamlessly integrated with the rest of the bathroom except for a separating glass panel. Children can easily enter and exit the dedicated space with no barrier or seam on the floor. As for the shower water, the slanting floor prevents the water from pouring out of the shower area.

Improve the Bathroom Safety for Children

How to Create a Stylish Bathroom for Your Children?

The bathroom can be a dangerous place for young children. They are often intrigued by the toilet and may try to climb in, which can lead to injuries. Likewise, they may be tempted to play with sharp objects such as razors and scissors. To help reduce the safety risks in your child’s bathroom, take the following precautions. First, keep all cleaning products and medications out of reach, preferably in a locked cabinet. Second, install modern toilet seat locks to prevent accidents. Third, place nonslip mats in the tub and on the floor to prevent slips and falls. By taking these simple steps, you can help create a safer environment for your child.

Install the Right Decorations

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From large and spacious family bathrooms to small en-suite ones set up in attics, decorations are vital to every bathroom space. When it comes to children, the decorations can go one step further. Start by revamping the wall paint of the room and make sure to keep the main feature wall painted with a different color to add an aesthetic appeal.

To make the room appear stylish and visually stimulating for your kids, apply wall stickers of their favorite cartoon characters, replace the boring old shower curtain, place some leafy green plant pots, and hang photo frames of your family to incorporate a lovely mood inside.

As for décor, let your child’s personality shine through. Bright colors and fun patterns can bring the whole room to life, while personal touches like photos and artwork can make it feel like home. And don’t forget the bath toys! A basket full of aquatic friends can turn bath time into quality bonding time.

stylish bathroom

Final Thoughts

As your children grow, so does their need for privacy and independence. Creating a stylish bathroom that is both functional and kid-friendly can help to foster a sense of independence while still providing the safety and storage that growing kids need. When it comes to layout, think fun and function. A vanity with plenty of storage space will help keep the bathroom cluttered-free, while a well- placed toilet will make potty training a breeze. When it comes to fixtures, go for durability over style. Look for faucets and towel racks that are easy for little hands to use and opt for tile or laminate floors that can stand up to spills and puddles. With these tips, you can create a stylish bathroom that will grow with your child from toddlerhood to adolescence and beyond.

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